Amontay Beach Resort – Finding Almost Paradise In Caraga Region

My friends kept on telling me that there exists a comely resort situated in a black sand beach named Amontay Beach Resort dubbed almost paradise of Caraga Region in Mindanao Island with amenities comparable to other luxury beach resorts in this part of the Philippines. Hence, in one of my trips to Cagayan de Oro City, I decided to drop by the area and verify on the veracity of such report.

After traveling 24 kilometers west of Butuan City, we reached the town of Nasipit in the province Agusan del Norte. A few more kilometers of travel and we reached this spot . . .

Amontay Beach Resort Junction Road

The imposing roadside signage enticing guests to visit the Amontay Beach Resort

After traversing a graveled road beach ward, we had reached this portion of the resort . . .

Amontay Beach Resort Main Gate

The main gate of the Amontay Beach Resort

It was then that I realized that the Amontay Beach Resort is owned and managed by the same proprietor of Goat 2 Geder, a popular hotel and restaurant in Butuan City, where I used to stay and dine.

After paying the PhP 20.00 entrance fee, I and Vanjie went hurriedly to the beach front and the sight of a black sand beach teeming with the amenities of a luxurious resort in an island setting stunned me most. We choose to head first on this imposing restaurant cum view deck . . .

Amontay Beach Resort Memorial Hall

The Memorial Hall dedicated to MSgt. Diosdado V. Palicte 547345 PC

On board the elevated memorial hall, you would truly enjoy the feel of perfect ambiance in attending weddings, anniversaries, celebrations and class reunions and other medium-sized gatherings while savoring the sight of a long stretch of black sand beach . . .

Amontay Beach Resort Beach Front

The alluring beach fronting the Amontay Baech Resort

Adding the beauty and grandeur of Amontay Beach Resort were the presence of spacious Bali-inspired cottages made of indigenous materials piling up in one straight lane ideal for your napping break after an exhaustive languorous swim . . .

Amontay Beach Resort Bali-inspired cottages

Comely Bali-inspired cottages

Most importantly, your enjoyment while on vacation is assured in the resort while staying on one-storey bungalow-type buildings beneath the shade of tall Talisay trees complete with wifi wireless internet facilities and other convenient and pleasure bearing facilities . . .

Amontay Beach Resort lofging facilities

Elegant bungalow-type lodging facilities . . .

And for island water sports aficionados like you, the resort has complete facilities starting from the lowly . . .

Amontay Beach Resort Paddle Boat

. . . Paddle Boat

To the more sophisticated . . .

Amontay Beach Resort Rubber Boats

. . . Rubber Boats

Including the state-of-the-art . . .

Amontay Beach Resort Jet Ski

. . . Jet Skis

Capping our visit to the spot was the usual pose for posterity. . .

Amontay Beach Resort Souvenir Shoot

A souvenir photo op while on the black sand beach fronting Amontay Beach Resort

Amontay Beach Resort – A Conclusion

Caraga prides itself as a region of island adventures. However, generally speaking, the best vacation spots where world-class resorts abound are located in the provinces far away from the regional center. The presence of a majestic beach resort within a driving distance from Butuan City is a welcome development for this budding region. But the beauty and grandeur of such tourist facility cannot just be explained, it has to be experienced by beach fanatics of your caliber so you can explain for yourself what almost paradise is all about as you leave the portals of Amontay Beach Resort.


  1. i wish i can visit this place someday. Merry christmas and a happy new year. Its been a great year for all of us. Happy blogging =)

    • Truly, the spot is worth a visit especially for travel bloggers. Likewise, Merry Christmas . . . 2011 is really a blessed blogging year with great hope for a more prosperous year and years to come.

  2. thanks for this… i really plan on going back to butuan in the very near future. might consider staying here 🙂

  3. thanks for this… i really plan on going back to butuan in the very near future. might consider staying here 🙂

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