Dakak Beach Resort – My Trip To A Majestic Beach Resort in Dapitan, Mindanao Island, Philippines

Dakak Beach Resort – An Introduction

Dakak Beach Resort can aptly be described as a majestic beach resort and  a white sand beach resort with  crystal clear water ideal for family beach vacations considered by island vacations junkies as not only  among the best family resorts but one of the select luxury beach resorts and best family vacation destinations with island water sports facilities in Mindanao Island,  Philippines. It is located in Barangay Taguilon, Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte.

Dakak Beach Resort – Why I Visited the Majestic Beach Resort

Dakak Beach Resort was included in my vacation checklist during my heritage tours to Dapitan- the Shrine City of the Philippines. Hence, after my visit to the Rizal Shrine, I told the driver to bring me and my wife to Dakak Beach Resort which came to limelight after being chosen as one of the preliminary swimsuit competition venues of the 1994 Miss Universe Beauty Pageant.

After a 30- minute drive on a newly-completed portland cement concrete pavement project, this comely welcome signage had attracted my attention . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

The comely Dakak Park Beach Resort Gate Number 1

A few more minutes of travel and we reached the holding area where we were told to alight and park our vehicle. . .

Dakak Beach Resort

A comely structure in the holding area of Dakak Park Beach Resort where visitors would not surely miss holding photo ops. .

Dakak Beach Resort

I extended my arms in excitement to savor the beauty of the resort right after stepping on the vehicle holding area . . .

After paying the PhP 200.00 per head entrance fee for sightseeing and free swimming on the beach and the use of the bath and dressing rooms, we boarded on the shuttle van en route to the resort proper. We passed by bungalows tucked on a scenic hillside overlooking the sea. I noticed busy workers engaged in construction works beside the winding road leading to the beach until the shuttle stopped on this area. . .

Dakak Beach Resort

The El Patio . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

The walkway leading to the beach front . .

I was enthralled when the 750-meter long, powdery white sand Dakak Beach was captured by my eyes. . .

Dakak Beach Resort

The Dakak Beach viewed from the El Patio

Dakak Beach Resort

Dakak Beach as seen from the other end

I could not help but admire at the array of island water sports facilities being displayed at the Aqua Sports Center with the jet ski cruising at Dakak Bay serving as an added attraction. . .

Dakak Beach Resort

The Aqua Sports Center . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

A Jet Ski speeding at the tiny Dakak Bay .

I felt very fortunate as birds hovered over me as I took shots of the tantalizing Dakak Beach . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

Three wonderful birds flying at low speed and altitude as if conveying a welcome greetings for the incoming guests . . .

Eager to know what are in store inside the resort, I strolled at the amenities situated within the  beach front and was awe-inspired with the sight of the swimming pools of Dakak Beach Resort . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

The swimming pool for adults . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

The Kiddie Swimming Pool . . .

I and my wife then took time to have a souvenir photo at the pool side . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

A pose for posterity at Dakak Beach Resort pool side with the beach and sea at the background

This structure adjacent to the adult swimming pool had caught my attention . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

No mistake for the Noah's Ark. . . it is the Pirates Disco Bar . .

Dakak Beach Resort

My wife was curious on what is in store inside the Pirates Disco Bar . . .

A further walk deeper inside the resort brought me to the newly-constructed Thai Restaurant . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

The sprawling Thai Restaurant . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

With imposing indoor design and facilities . .

After spending for quite some time in the beach front, we decided to go uphill passing by comely bungalows aptly designed with the verandas over looking Dakak Bay. . .

Dakak Beach Resort

One of the bungalows eager to serve the billeting needs of Dakak Beach Resort guests.

Dakak Beach Resort

A newly-constructed bungalow at the hill top inside the Dakak Beach Resort.

A further walk led me to some other important amenities of Dakak Beach Resort . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

The comely Reception Center . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

The Chapel . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

The Tennis Court . . .

Dakak Beach Resort

. . . and the Golf Course

We then boarded the shuttle bus and traveled back to the holding area.

Dakak Beach Resort – Final Thoughts

As an island vacations aficionado, savoring the minute, beautifully-shaped Dakak Bay; stepping on the powdery white sand of Dakak Beach; gazing at the pristine blue waters of the Sulu Sea and wandering around the built-up areas of the 15-hectares wood land is a very rewarding experience. Truly, a visit to Dakak Beach Resort is tantamount to a trip to a tropical Eden.


  1. wow! 30 mins lang from Dapitan… sana mapuntahan ko ‘to when I visit Zamboanga del Norte… thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Yes, a renowned beach resort is situated so near to another important historical spot in the place. Hence, traveling to Dapitan is actually hitting 3 birds in one stone- the Rizal Shrine, Dakak Beach Resort and Gloria’s Fantasyland.

  2. wow sir! dami mo na napuntahan 🙂

  3. I used to remember seeing their ad sa Eat Bulaga, hehe! Kaya ever since bata pa ako, gusto ko na to mpuntahan 😀

    • The spot is really magnificent. The only setback for budget travelers is the accomodation price considering its high-end status. Hence, we chose to just visit the area and pay the PhP 200.00 per head entrance fee, had a stroll and stayed overnight at Dapitan.

  4. Parang next to Boracay ito yung sikat na beach dati noong bata pa ako at sa tv ko lang napapanood. Sana mapuntahan ko rin pati na rin yung Dapitan.

  5. Exceptionally educational many thanks, I believe your trusty readers would most likely want way more posts of this nature maintain the excellent content.

  6. Enormously insightful appreciate it, I believe your visitors might want more information like that continue the excellent work.

  7. Dakak Beach looks very nice! I love it that there is green space as well as sand and it looks very clean! Also adore the small pool by which you are sitting.

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