One Hyundai Club Bloggers Lunch – A Blogger Event To Remember

An email-invitation for the One Hyundai Club Bloggers Lunch slated for Saturday, December 10, 2011 at Hotel Celeste in San Lorenzo Drive cor A. Arnaiz Ave, Makati City coming from Ms. Precious Claire Del Valle, Corporate and Advertising Assistant of Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) which is the exclusive distributor of Hyundai vehicles in the Philippines, had really made my day. Though I have no idea by that time on what were the criteria in selecting the participants to such blogger event but the fact that I was among those being invited had provided a sense of fulfillment on my part as a blogger whose travel blog had surfaced in the blogosphere for just less than a year.

Ecstatic to experience a blogger event for the first time, I immediately gave my nod to the invitation. At the appointed date, I made sure that I would be on the dot. Hence, one hour prior to the 11:00 A.M. appointed time, I was already at the venue. At the lobby of Hotel Celeste, I chanced upon this notice . . .

Hyundai Club Bloggers Lunch welcome signage

The Bloggers Lunch welcome signage

Lunch time came and the food was mobbed by the bloggers who seemed more eager to take photos of the food in the table than savoring it . . .

Hyundai Club Bloggers Lunch Food

Bloggers Rome and Ana taking time to capture images of the food offered for buffet meal

And the photo op session with  table-mate bloggers ensued . . .

A pose for posterity with co-bloggers starting on my left: Raffy Pedrajita of ; Enzo Luna of; Dennis Angulo of and; Ana Gonzales of

A total of 14 out of the 15 invited bloggers from various niches (travel, lifestyle,  parenting, fashion, tech geek, food, beauty, personal, etc.) came for the event. From the power presentation, I learned that One Hyundai Club is the first ever distributor-based car loyalty program in the Philippines established as a form of gratitude to those who believe in and show support in Hyundai’s New Technologies. To become a One Hyundai Club (OHC) Member, one has to acquire a Hyundai car in any of their authorized distributors in the Philippines. After filling-up the OHC Application Form available upon purchase of the unit, applicant shall be provided with a Member Card which entitles him/her to a number of privileges to include: earning points from purchase of genuine parts and availment of Hyundai services; acquisition of Hyundai Brand collection and Hyundai Lifestyle Rewards Basket; invites and priority access to Hyundai events; 24/7 Roadside Assistance and; discounts and freebies from partner-merchants. One interesting privilege of a One Hyundai Club member is the ownership of a Hyundai Mastercard which entitles the holder to a 3% fuel rebate from gas purchases in any Caltex, Shell, Petron and Total gas stations nationwide to be converted into vouchers which can be used during PMS visits of such member. Further, rewards points earned from availing the health, beauty and fitness, dining and accommodation services of partner-merchants will be converted into vouchers to be used in availing or purchasing Hyundai parts and services. Moreover, One Hyundai Club Members shall be gifted with a premium One Hyundai Club Lifestyle Journal.

A Lifestyle Event – The One Hyundai Club Life In Style

To let the One Hyundai Club members experience a preview of the exciting events and surprises that await them for the coming year through the OHC Lifestyle Journal, a whole day lifestyle fair event is slated on January 14, 2012 in time for the 1st year anniversary of One Hyundai Club and 10th anniversary of Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI) at Glorieta Activity Center, Makati City, wherein, its members and their families are invited to attend.

All OHC Members are given the Lifestyle Passport to guide them as they travel through the 4 different areas of the Journal featured in this lifestyle event, as follows:

1. Shopping – Wardrobe consultancy.
2. Dining – Cooking demo and food tasting event.
3. Beauty and Wellness – Make up session, skin consultation and photo studio.
4. Travel and Leisure – Indoor wall climbing (unlimited use of wall climbing facilities) work and game stations for kids and Hyundai Art Classes (Hyundai Paper Model)

The first 1,000 One Hyundai Club members who will present their membership card will receive the 2012 premium One Hyundai Lifestyle Journal.

To top it all, per DTI-NCR Permit No. 9861, Series of 2011, all One Hyundai Club (OHC) members who received their Loyalty Card Numbers by January 10, 2012 and Non-OHC members who are Hyundai vehicle owners who register as an OHC member at the One Hyundai Club Website can win this fabulous prize . . .

Hyundai Club Trip To South Korea

Trip for Two to South Korea

As well as this . . .

Hyundai Club Gadget Giveaway

The Gadget Giveaway

Most importantly, while only the members can avail the features and amenities above-mentioned, non-members like you and me can watch the event by registering in the One Hyundai Club Microsite and taste the elegance of the Hyundai World- a cozy area wherein non-member guests can lounge, learn and read all about Hyundai and enjoy watching the performers tapped to entertain and liven the crowd all day, singing and dancing in line with the festive season.

Capping the One Hyundai Club Bloggers Lunch was the awarding of the coveted raffle prize- a one-day pass for 2 of the suite room of Hotel Celeste won by my new-found blogger-friend Raffy Pedrajita of . . .

Hyundai Club Bloggers Lunch Raffle Winner

Raffy smilingly accepting the coveted prize . . .

And the distribution of the freebies courtesy of the blogger event sponsors Hyundai, Cocomo Beach Wear, Bioessence-skin-slimming-spa, Schutzen and Hotel Celeste. . .

Hyundai Club Bloggers Lunch Freebies

Lots of freebies for the blogger-attendees . . .

Serving as climax of the undertaking was the scene, wherein, the 14 of us were gathered for the video op session for inclusion in the One Hyundai Club Microsite promotion, uttering the following words in unison . . .

Hyundai Club Event Teaser

The One Hyundai Club Life In Style Event Teaser . . .

The group picture taking session ensued . . .

Hyundai Club Photo Op Session 1

Inside the Hotel Celeste Function Room . . .

I made sure to take a shoot at the List of Bloggers Lunch Attendees . . .

Hyundai Club Bloggers Lunch Attendees

The Bloggers Lunch Attendance Sheet

Before participating in the final photo op session . . .

Hyundai Club Bloggers Lunch Photo Op 2

. . . at the Veranda of Hotel Celeste.

One Hyundai Club Bloggers Lunch – Final Thoughts

In response to my query during the open forum on how did they know about our blogs, the organizers categorically answered that we were chosen because of the readership traffic of our respective websites. Though such reason sounds debatable, but the utterance was a welcome compliment. Truly, participating in such One Hyundai Club Bloggers Lunch was really a rare chance for us bloggers in separate and distinct niches to interact and share ideas about realities outside the sphere of our respective blogging expertise.


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