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Blogging Tips – An Introduction

Blogging tips were, and are still, my guiding light in starting and sustaining my Island Vacations travel blog in my efforts to chronicle my island getaways escapades, heritage tours, battlefield tours and other travel experiences in a web log for posterity rather than allow them to go down the drain. Unlike in other life endeavors, trial and error has no room in travel blogging, or in any blog for that matter, as your blogging journey would lead you to a point of no return. Hence, blogging tips are extremely necessary if you want your travel blogging odyssey to be as smooth as possible.

Blogging Tips – How I Stumbled And Got Hooked To Travel Blog Success

I am a frequent traveler either for business and pleasure. My full-time job allows me to travel to many places around the Philippine archipelago for seminars and conferences and my part-time work had given me the opportunity to travel to Singapore, Spain and Thailand. In the second semester of 2010, my son, who is a full-time web developer, had encouraged me to write a personal blog which I did to give vent to my rusted writing prowess developed during my elementary, secondary, undergraduate and graduate studies. From then on, I learned the art of writing a blog, which is coined from the words WEB and LOG, from the various blogging tips that I read online and managed to love what I was doing. Nevertheless, my personal blog turned out to be an experiment station and became an avenue where to apply my trial and error sessions thereby rendering its appearance very topsy-turvy.

It was on the last few days of December, 2010, and after going over various seasoned and newbie travel blogs, that I decided that I must have to launch a travel blog myself. Judging from my previous personal blogging experience, I vow to write a travel blog in an organized manner as possible. I then burned midnight candles surfing through the net for travel blogging tips. Indeed, I found substantial tips about travel blogging in the web but, unfortunately, they seemed to be just bits of pieces of a large collage and not the comprehensive travel blogging tips that I was looking for. Nevertheless, being a disciple of the perseverance dogma, I kept on searching in the net until I hit a gold mine when I stumbled upon and clicked on this website . . .

Blogging Tips

I was apprehensive at the start and thought that the site was just one of those that promise to bring you to high heavens but turned out to be a trip to hell once you clicked and made the payment. Nevertheless, I was really attracted at the Travel Blog Success features . . .

Blogging Tips

The Travel Blog Success Features and Membership Levels. . .

After undergoing a thorough soul searching and brain storming session weighing among others the pros and cons of paid blogging tips, I decided to apply for a Premium Membership. And, Voila! I really got the most comprehensive travel blogging tips that I need. Module 1 is all about Building a Foundation. The lessons include Defining Your Travel Blogging Goals; Hosted vs. Self Hosted Travel Blogs; Choosing A Winning Domain Name; Getting Started with WordPress; Critical Design Concepts and; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Simplified. Moreover, Module 2 deals on Creating Content. The lessons discuss in detail topics on How to Write Scannable Blog Content; Involve Your Readers, Build A Following; Be Yourself and Offer A Unique Resource; The Role of Photography and Storage Solutions and; Video Blogging. Further, Module 3 is all about Developing Traffic, wherein, the various lessons touch on An Introduction to Key Blogging Metrics; Leveraging Social Media- Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and the Rest and; Guest Posts. Furthermore, Module 4 is aptly titled On the Road as its lessons deal with Realities of Blogging From the Road and; Mobile Technology. The climax of the tutorials is provided by Module 5 as it deals on Making Money and its lessons teach you on how to go about Starting an Email Newsletter; Advertising: Text Links, Banners, & Affiliate Marketing; Writing Reviews, Advertorials and Freelancing; Developing A Digital Product: eBooks and Membership Sites and; Tactics for Marketing Your Product. You will then be given the option to avail the Travel Blog Success Affiliate Program allowing you to post banners in your blog and earn income, with various designs like this . . .

Blogging Tips

The lessons are capped with Module 6- Growing Your Business with lessons on The Power of Networking and Attending Conferences; Sponsored, Press and Social Media Trips; Record keeping, Taxes and Other Business Tips and; Location Independence. Serving both as meat and icing to the various Travel Blog Success lessons are audio interviews from seasoned travel bloggers Amanda Pressner (The Lost Girls); Anil Polat (Foxnomad); Benny the Irish Polyglot (Fluent in 3 Months); Cody McKibben (Thrilling Heroics); Craig Martin (Indie Travel Podcast); Gary Arndt (Everything Everywhere); Kim Mance (Travel Blog Exchange); Matt Long (Landlopers); Michaela Potter (Briefcase to Backpack); Mike Richard (Vagabondish); Pam Mandel (Nerds Eye View); Shannon O’Donnell (A Little Adrift) and; Stefanie Michaels (Adventure Girl).

Another interesting feature of Travel Blog Success is the opportunity to participate in the Forum as an effective and efficient venue for consultation with other travel blogging community members. Further, there is a Support Articles Page for supplemental resources on the topics of web design and personal branding. But nothing beats with the Monthly Coaching Calls with Dave Lee of GoBackpacking, who owns the Travel Blog Success, for a wide array of travel blogging tips. And there are bonuses too with the Pro Blogger Tips on various topics from top notch blogger Chris Guillebeau (Art of Non-Conformity) while the other is the secret Travel Blog Success group on Facebook, whose membership are by invitation only and limited to Professional members of the community and a few select affiliates.

To show proof that I am telling the truth, Debra Corbeil of my most esteemed The Planet D travel blog of the Canadian adventure couple Dave and Deb, has this to say:

I suggest to anyone starting out in Travel Blogging read Travel Blog Success. Most of us that have been around for a while wish that we did things differently. If we would have known then what we did now when we first started Travel Blogging, and if programs like Travel Blog Success were around, we would have been much farther along earlier on. Something as simple as choosing the right domain name and defining your goals can give a travel blog a great leg up.

Blogging Tips – Final Thoughts and A Rare Bonus Opportunity

Dave Lee will be celebrating his 35th birthday on Sunday, September 25th, and to make it more fun, he will be running a week long sale for Premium Memberships to Travel Blog Success as follows:

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To avail the discount, just click on the third and last image displayed above, scroll down until you can see the second image featured here and below it you can see the following prompt:

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Afterward, enter the tbs35 Discount Code in the space provided for and click the Submit button next to it and . . . that is it! Welcome then to the Travel Blog Success community and get the most reliable travel blogging tips.


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