My Journey

Salt Water Crocodile Wrestling in Bangkok Thailand

crocodile wrestling

My eyes twinkled with excitement when,  during the morning of  the third day of our September 22-25, 2010 Study Tour on Credit Cooperatives in Thailand, our expert tour guide Mr. Prakob “Tom Cruise” Srirai announced that we would be visiting the popular salt water crocodile wrestling show by the afternoon. Hence, after the usual visit to successful cooperatives included in ... Read More »

Language Barrier: My Unforgettable Moments In The City of Albacete, Spain

Albacete, Spain

Language barrier or the difficulty faced when people having no common language attempt to communicate with each other, was experienced by this island vacations enthusiast during my travel to Spain as a member of the 15-man Philippine Delegation to the Study Tour on the Development of Cooperative Integration in Spain. The study trip, which was conducted on April 18-26, 2009, ... Read More »

Battlefield Tours – My Trip To Corregidor Island, Philippines (Part 2)

Filipino Heroes Hall

Corregidor  is a rocky, tadpole-shaped, three mile-long and 1 ½ miles at its widest point,  island strategically located at the entrance of Manila Bay facing the China Sea and flanked by the provinces of Bataan and Cavite. It’s name came from the Spanish word “coregir” meaning to correct, since the island was a checkpoint for vessels entering Manila Bay during ... Read More »

Battlefield Tours – My Trip To Corregidor Island, Philippines (Part 1)

Participating in battlefield tours has always been my dream since childhood. Being a war history aficionado, I dreamed of visiting the battlefields, war graves, memorials and the last resting places of the fallen heroes. There are a lot of battlefields in the Philippines but I prefer to visit the island of Corregidor  not only for historical but more of a sentimental ... Read More »

Seaside Lagoon- 2 Unforgettable Grounds To Visit Lagoon Tiktikan In Bucas Grande Island

Tiktikan innocent stares

Seaside Lagoon – Where Is It A seaside lagoon, aptly named Lagoon Tiktikan and one of the best vacation spots having crystal clear water with floating rock gardens ideal for various forms of island water sports frequently visited by island vacations junkies and island getaways seekers wanting to spend unique vacations was my next stop during my February 14, 2011 ... Read More »