My Journey

Mangrove Forest- Uncovering The Hidden Treasure Of Bucas Grande Island In The Philippines

Mangrove forest, known as ‘rainforest’ by the sea’ is one of the most, if not the primary, important coastal ecosystems in the world in terms of primary production and coastal protection. It is abundant in Southeast Asia which includes the Philippines that has let many to believe that the region is the birth place of mangroves. Mangrove trees contribute to ... Read More »

Quality Inn and Suites- Finding Home In Quezon City, Philippines

The car I was riding was cruising along Boni Serrano Avenue within the vicinity of Camp Emilio Aguinaldo in Quezon City when my driver and conference guide Jason Pabia told me that I would be billeted at a quality inn and suites as the NATCCO Hostel was fully-booked. The mention of the last word got my attention as  it connotes ... Read More »

My Journey, My First DSLR Camera

My Journey- My Writing Passion Writing is really my passion and part of my journey in life. I love to write compositions in my theme notebooks during my elementary days.  I wrote essays during high school and did feature writing as editor-in-chief of the college organ. In college, I participated in essay writing contests and became a regional essay writing ... Read More »