Jellyfish Lake of Bucas Grande Island – Visit The Philippine Version of Palau

Jellyfish Lake Philippine Version – Where Is It?

A Jellyfish Lake, the local version of which is called Jellyfish Kingdom, is one of the emerging natural attractions and tourist spots frequented by island vacations lovers situated within the vicinity of the Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines.

Jellyfish Lake Philippine Version – Why Visit The Tourist Spot?

As local and foreign tourists are rolling into Bucas Grande Island, my family-owned and operated Island Vacations Travel and Tours had finally started its business with a group of 11 combined guests from Panabo City, Davao del Norte and San Francisco, Agusan del Sur in Mindanao Island, Philippines as our maiden clients. During our email correspondence, I advised the group leader to spend one full day in order to savor the beauty of the island. And true to my suggestion, they came in time for the past 4-day respite courtesy of the 2-day holiday in addition to the usual 2-day weekend break. After checking in at the Island Vacations Country Inn, we escorted the group for a 2-hour swim at the Puyangi White Sand Beach. At exactly 4:00 in the afternoon, we proceeded to the Kapihan View Park to catch-up the sunset and engage into sightseeing and stargazing activities. Back into the town center, the group went on a sunrise photography session at the feeder port . After breakfast, we proceeded to the Sohoton area doing island hopping and adventure diving at Sohoton Cove, boating at Tiktikan Lagoon and caving at Crystal Cave. We then proceeded to the Jellyfish Lake of Bucas Grande, dubbed locally as Jellyfish Kingdom, before strolling at the majestic Club Tara Resort. As all, except 2, of the mentioned destinations were already featured in my previous blog posts, I will be discussing in detail the Jellyfish Kingdom trip while the caving adventure will be featured in my future post. From the Sohoton Tourist Assistance Center,we were supposed to ride on small paddle boats with a maximum capacity of 2 persons per boat, excluding the paddler, towards the Jellyfish Kingdom. Nevertheless, the sea current was swift by that time due to the onset of high tide, hence, we opted to ride on a pump boat. On board our rented boat, we maneuvered at the narrow passage leading to the Jellyfish Kingdom . . .

Jellyfish Lake

The tour guide expertly maneuvering the frontal section of the pump boat as it entered the narrow passage of the Jelly Fish Kingdom

The area may not be comparable to the famous Jellyfish Lake in Palau as it is not exactly a lake but a lagoon with a constricted entrance. . .

Jellyfish Lake

The azure waters of the Jellyfish Kingdom with its surrounding verdant hills. . .

Seen from a distance, the minute lagoon seemed to be just an ordinary scenery but as we moved forward, I had proven to myself that millions of golden jellyfish were really lurking beneath the crystal clear water. I then briefed the group that the underwater creatures surrounding us actually belong to a jellyfish specie who do sting but their stings are too mild to feel, hence, they were often referred to as non-stinging jellyfish.

Jellyfish Lake

One of our guests enjoyed staying afloat on the water surrounded by golden jellyfish . . .

To satisfy his excitement, the other male guest hurriedly dived into the water . . .

Jellyfish Lake

… and swam with the smack of golden jellyfish.

The other guy was still cautious whether the golden jellyfish was really non-stinging . . .

Jellyfish Lake

Touch Me or Touch Me Not might be in the mind of the guy with this hand . . .

With this one trying to be romantic with the nice underwater creature . . .

Jellyfish Lake

Planting a kiss on a golden jellyfish . . .

But the other male guest proved to be the most enterprising . . .

Jellyfish Lake

As he grabbed a jellyfish as if it’s a sphere of gold . . .

Proving to themselves that they ought not to be outdone in any challenge, the female guests also showed their prowess . . .

Jellyfish Lake

With this lady trying to play with the nice creature . . .

Jellyfish Lake

But the other one really wanted a feel if there’s a jellyfish sting or not right in her palm . . .

But this girl had another trip . . .

Jellyfish Lake

Wanting the jellyfish to pose with her for a smile in front of my Nikon D7000 camera.

I could really feel the fun deep inside them as I took a group picture of my guests . . .

Jellyfish Lake

My guests’ final pose for posterity at the Jellyfish Kingdom.

Jellyfish Lake Philippine Version – Final Thoughts

The Philippine version of the Jellyfish Lake has become a source of pride among the local inhabitants. For one, it is the only known place so far in the Philippines to host such friendly underwater creatures. On the other hand, it is situated within the vicinity of the Sohoton Cove thereby adding to the variety of natural attractions in the area and contributing to its fame as the Philippines all-in-one tourist destination. No wonder, such Bucas Grande version of Jellyfish Lake has really proven itself to be a sound alternative for those who lack resources to visit Palau to experience for themselves befriending the amazing non stinging creatures called golden jellyfish.


  1. Mahvelous! Never of this lake nor the species it was named after. It takes some paradigm shift to think of jellyfish as harmless creatures. 🙂

    Did you take the underwater shots? Really nice!
    AJ recently posted..Lights and ShadesMy Profile

    • As some of the male guests were professional photographers, our trip turned out to be an island hopping cum photography workshop plus the night photoshop tutorial at the backpackers hostel. Hence, we actually traded cameras during the trip and exchanged memory cards later with an agreement to have a free hand to utilize the photos as our own. The underwater shoots were taken alternately among the guests and me.

  2. OMG OMG OMG! You guys are so brave! It took me several minutes and quite a few tears before I finally swam with the jellyfish last July. Teehee. 🙂 It was indeed so worth it!
    Sexynomad recently posted..Cave & Horseshoe @ Sohoton Cove in SiargaoMy Profile

    • I actually asked my guests, especially the females, on how they felt about the experience and fear was not among those mentioned as they were very ecstatic to swim with the nice underwater creatures.

  3. Hi pipz…I am that lady in the picture who tried to play with the jellyfish. Would you believe that I was able to do that? It was such a marvelous experience coz never in my entire life did I expect that I would be able to swim in an area full of jellyfish and that I would be able to hold one in my hands…AMAZING!!! My fear for these creatures turned into amazement as I came into contact with them. It was an experience worth reminiscing…so pipz, why not try it too and enjoy a wonderful time of your life?

    • Thanks for dropping by Dinz. Hope you can find time to come back and explore more Bucas Grande Island attractions as you had only visited the other half of the island. Wish also that your marketing prowess can convince your friends to try visiting the island themselves.

  4. Wow! Are they really non-sting? But are they itchy? 🙂

    When I want to Puerto Princesa, I was so surprised by how many the jellyfish in the area, according to local, they are non-sting but I am still afraid to touch and they are really huge! 🙂
    tina recently posted..Palawan needs your vote!My Profile

  5. i would most certainly have to visit to experience this with my family. When’s a good time to visit?
    lifeisacelebration recently posted..The One-Stop Rizal Heritage TrailMy Profile

    • Thanks for dropping by. Only the months of November and December are not advisable for the less adventurous and newbie sea travelers as the seas are a little bit rough due to the northeast monsoon. Sea travel is fine for the rest of the year.

  6. haiz. i want to try this sometime. i got my gears ready for these jellyfish. hehehe…

  7. I think it is good picture & educational information about Bucas Grande Island.

  8. I hope I could visit this place. Its very promising!

  9. wow! Normally, i fear these creatures, but if they dont sting (as much for us to actually feel it) then I would love to see this.:) very nice!