Conquering Philippines’ Niagara: The Tinuy-an Falls In Surigao del Sur

There really are little-known sites which are not included in the list of famous waterfalls nor frequently featured in renowned waterfalls articles but actually possesses the grandeur comparable to the biggest waterfalls in the world. Such is the case of the less advertised Tinuy-an Falls, dubbed by writers who had visited this  island vacations spot as the “Niagara Falls of the Philippines,” situated in Bislig City, Province of Surigao del Sur in the southeastern coast of the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines.

The spot can be reached via a 20-minute private vehicle travel from the Paper Country Inn, in Mangagoy, Bislig City passing through the national highway, maneuvering to the left upon reaching the junction road in Barangay Cumawas and taking on a bumpy feeder road towards the site located in Barangay Burboanan. It can also be reached in 30 minutes from the Bislig City Government Center following the 18-kilometer Poblacion-San Isidro-Burboanan-Tinuy-an Route.

The best time to visit the waterfalls is in the early months or towards the end of the year when maximum rainfall is experienced in Caraga Region and the water pressure is at its peak like that of my visit to the area in November 22, 2009 with my wife and 4 of our 5 children courtesy of the Bislig Government Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BGEMCO) through my friends Aprodecio A. Alba, Jr., Jonathan L. Jamora and Almar B. Autida, Chairman, Vice-Chair and BOD member, respectively, as well as the other coop officers.

Right after the vehicle engine comes to a complete stop, you will start knowing why Tinuy-an Falls as an island vacations destinations is a must-see for nature lovers:

1-      The sound. The impact of the cascading waters plunging into the ravine produces a thundering sound like that of a roaring monster which is audible even when you are still 500 meters away from the waterfalls.

2-      The Sight and Feel. The view of the 3-tiered waterfalls having a stunning 55 meters height and 95 meters width presents the first-time visitor a truly spectacular and awe-inspiring sight of a mighty waterfall in action. Further, the dark-brownish color of the cliffs combined with the bright blue pool at its base adds to both the mystery and allure of this falls. Furthermore, the catwalks made up of steel and concrete make it easy for you to climb up from one tier to another and get close-up and intimate views of the beauty and grandeur of this iconic natural attraction. Meanwhile, come to this island vacations destination between 9 to 11 o’clock in the morning on a sunny day and you will surely be treated to a bright rainbow arching across its base. Finally, the cool breeze produced by the surrounding rainforest and the mist that smack on your face produces an extraordinary and exhilarating feeling.

3-      The Swim and Bath. The presence of 3 islets near the “plunge pool” at the base of the waterfall makes swimming in this island vacations spot a really fantastic experience. Further, standing against the rock wall on the right-most side of the second tier towards the catwalk and letting the slow cascading waters fall on your back provides a mild and gentle massage effect.

Island Vacations In Tinuy-an Falls – Final Thoughts

Island vacations aficionados especially the waterfalls enthusiasts are willing to travel considerable distances to savor the renowned waterfalls in action. Thus, efforts should be done by the Tinuy-an Falls stakeholders to let this promising island vacations spot be put in the map of famous waterfalls in the country, if not in the whole world.



island vacations

The spectacular view of the Tinuy-an Falls

island vacations

Another magnificent view of Tinuy-an Falls

island vacations

Another view of Tinuy-an Falls

island vacations

Close-up Photo of Tinuy-an Fall's 2nd Tier

island vacations

Shouting "We Conquered Tinuy-an Falls"

island vacations

Behind White Water Curtain

island vacations

A Wholesome Family Escapade

island vacations

Awe-Inspiring View of Tinuy-an Falls During Summer With Rainbow Arching Its Base- a sight that island vacations aficionados would really find very interesting.


  1. I just want to to extend my thanks to the author of this article , my friend Mr Titing Sangco for helping us in the promotion of our “Tinuy-an Falls . . . Salamat jud kaayo ting hoping that someday makabalik ra gihapon sa Bislig and we will explore other sites aside from tinuy-an..regards and Godbless!

    • Thanks very much Mar, comments like this will boost my morale to write more well-meaning articles especially in promoting tourist destinations in our country which are at par with that of other countries. Am very much willing to be back in Bislig in the near future. Likewise, Godbless. . .

  2. wow! i have only been to Tandag. and a long time ago when PAL was still flying there 🙂 now this is another place to add to my list.. Bislig! Wow!

    • It’s a nice destination. . .was told there were other interesting sites in Bislig aside from Tinuy-an.. I’ll be coming back to their place.. If you wish to have a hospitable host, just contact my friend almar autida whose contact information I included in the post’s attachment.

  3. thank you very much for that, yes there are many beautiful areas and destinations to visit.
    It is not expensive and travel is very easy to find, air, bus, train, boat or car.
    Food is great, service is great and we love it here.


  4. we are going there in september and i cant wait!! 🙂 we are doing it on our own.. is it safe and relatively easy to commute?

    • It’s great that you’ve decided to visit the place… it’s really awe-inspiring. My best friend Almar Autida of Bislig Government Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (BGEMCO) can assist you to have the best comfort in your travel there. Please contact him at 09195954878, he’s a very nice guy. . .

  5. Hi IslandVacations,

    First of all, thanks for dropping a message in my blog. I had read all trough-out this post and what could i simply say is that you wrote your articles very well. I wish I could improve more on my skills in writing with this type of activity.

    You also got great adventures… Truly Philippines has a lot to offer… Hope to do backpacking with you sir in the future…

    • Hi Arzeriel,

      Thanks also for dropping by and for the kind comments. Candidly, it re-energized my mind and body and rejuvenated my soul to pursue my travel blogging passion. I am very much willing to go backpacking with fellow bloggers, probably we can start with the Mindanaoans. It only needs somebody or a chore group to initiate it.

  6. Neneth of Panorama

    Hi Sir,

    I would like to ask some questions regarding this article that you posted.
    Please get back to me as soon as you can.

    Bless you.
    Neneth of Panorama

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