Seaside Waterfall – A Visit To Magkahuyog Falls in Bucas Grande Island, Philippines

Seaside Waterfall – An Introduction

A seaside waterfall, aptly named Magkahuyog Falls, which is a favorite island vacations, island getaways and family beach vacations destinations, has unique and stunning features compared to other ponds and waterfalls prominently featured in popular waterfalls pictures of biggest waterfalls in the world as it cascades directly into a seaside beach towards the crystal clear water of the sea. It is located in the western part of Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines.

Seaside Waterfall – Why Visit The Place

The name Magkahuyog is derived from the Surigaonon term HUYOG, which means FALL DOWN. The seaside waterfall is the favorite picnic area among the residents of the communities in the western part of Bucas Grande Island, notably, Barangays Pamosaingan, Nueva Estrella and Honrado. Being a resident of the Socorro town center on the eastern side of the island, I seldom managed to visit the place. It was only during the time that we had a seminar at Barangay Pamosaingan with guests coming from the Caraga Regional Office in Butuan City that I decided to treat them to a sightseeing trip to the area.

On board a motorized banca, we traveled for 15 minutes from the Pamosaingan wharf amidst the calm and placid waters. As we approached the seaside waterfall, my eyes was greeted with this stunning view of  the water that flows down at a low angle of descent in small steps or stages over rocks . . .


The cascade-type Magkahuyog Falls viewed from a distance.

As the boat we were riding was about to dock at the  beach, the seaside waterfall had become more spectacular in my eyes. . .


Full view of the Magkahuyog Falls from the sea.

Our pump boat operator failed to contain his urge to have a dip in the cool waters of the plunge pool of Magkahuyog Falls . . .


Enjoying the dip on the sparkling azure waters of the plunge pool.

I took shots of another portion of the plunge pool . . .


The other end of the Magkahuyog Falls plunge pool.

Including its spillway that flows towards the beach and into the sea. . .


The spillway of the Magkahuyog Falls plunge pool.

Decapod crustaceans called Hermit Crabs, locally termed OMANG collected by fishermen in the area to be utilized as hook and line bait, abound in Magkahuyog Falls. . .


An array of empty gastropod shells used in concealing the asymetrical abdomen of the hermit crab being carried around by the ceature with the Magkahuyog Falls on the background.

Seaside Waterfall – Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, a waterfall is closely associated with dense rain forests deeply buried inland. Most often than not, you can reach a waterfall by slogging your way into rugged terrains as seldom you can find one which is accessible by any form of transportation. Nevertheless, in Bucas Grande Island, right on the comfort of a banca, you can savor the spectacle of a flowing water rapidly dropping in elevation as it flows over a steep rocky region into the sea. The size and height of Magkahuyog Falls is not that spectacular compared to the other famous waterfalls that I had visited. But, tourists kept coming to the island to feel for themselves the thrill of seeing an amazing seaside waterfall in action.


  1. Magkahuyog Falls reminds me of Ticao Falls in Masbate, one of the few unique falls that flow into the sea.

  2. => very lovely and refreshing waterfalls @islandvacations. And I love the last pic the “creepy” things out there. It brings me closer to nature. wow!

  3. Thanks for dropping by. It’s my own little way of letting the world know about the beauty of my island home.

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