Why the Caribbean is the best place for guys to celebrate their bachelor weekend

The Caribbean may not be everybody’s first choice as a destination for a bachelor holiday, but when you weigh up all the reasons for going there, you will see that it makes perfect sense. If you have the time and finances to spare, then any of the fabulous countries in this region would make fora stag break that you will remember forever.

bachelor holiday

A Caribbean Island resort ideal for bachelor holidays.

Taking Time Out

Clearly, a trip to the Caribbean isn’t typical for stag nights, but in many ways that is why it is such a big attraction. There is still a vast amount of fun and entertainment to be found here, but without the huge crowds and identikit stag parties that you might find in other locations.

You won’t necessarily be able to get there and back in a weekend either, but the islands are closer than you think. If you can spare a longer period of time, this is the place to be.

bachelor holiday

A secluded part in one of the Caribbean Islands

The Main Attractions

One of the biggest problems faced by any stag party can often be the lack of anything entertaining to do during the day. However, that certainly isn’tthe case on any of the islands in the Caribbean. Inactivity and inertia just leads to boredom and that is one thing that nobody is allowed to endure here.

As you might expect, there are some fabulous costal-based activities and in particular there is some excellent scuba diving to be found. Fishing, water skiing, windsurfing or just a speed-boat trip can also be enjoyed during your stay. Although the islands haven’t quite embraced stag-night activities as they have in some parts of the world, it is still possible to find what are becoming traditional pastimes for stag parties, such as quad biking and off-road driving.

Alternatively, the golf in the Caribbean is also excellent and spectator sports such as football and cricket are well worth catching up with if you possibly can.

Of course, if you just want to relax during the day, there is no better backdrop than the Caribbean, with its glorious beaches and near-perfect weather.

What to See

On most stag nights there is little time for sightseeing, but if you do get the chance there is plenty to see across the Caribbean.

Architecture in some of the towns and cities is fascinating, with many colonial buildings well-preserved and still fully functioning. Elsewhere, thenatural landscape can also be breath taking, with many beautiful mountains and beaches to explore.

Night Time

This is when any Caribbean island comes alive and, for many, any of the islands can claim to be the party capital of the world. Any form of entertainment you want can be found here, with lively bars and quality restaurants to begin your evening, followed by a choice of some of the bestnight clubs.

Floating clubs are popular too, with many organised boat trips setting sail with music and partying galore. Alternatively, you can join in with one ofthe many night-time beach parties that are organised across the region.

Overall, there are many reasons why any part of the Caribbean would make a perfect location for a truly memorable bachelor holiday. Everything you could possibly want is here, with exciting day-time activities and an incredible night life to provide all your entertainment. It’s simply impossible not to enjoy yourself.


The above article is edited and composed by Roxanne Peterson.

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