Island Vacations – 3 Overwhelming Basis To Visit Kapihan View Park in Bucas Grande

Kapihan View Park, situated in Bucas Grande Island on the easternmost part of Surigao del Norte, Philippines, is one of the emerging sightseeing destinations suitable for you who intend to go on island vacations. You need to visit the spot for 3 strong motives:

  1. The View. Being a vantage point located atop Bucas Grande Island, the surrounding sight of this island vacations spot stimulate your senses and rejuvenate your soul. Facing the east, you can savor the sun slowly arising out from the bosom of the Pacific Ocean in the wee hours of the summer morning. Turning to the south, you can view the towering ranges of Mt. Legaspi resembling like a watchful giant keeping guard in that part of mainland Surigao. In the late afternoon of a sunny day, you can enjoy watching the horizon turning to crimson and orange as the sun is slowly embraced by the sea. Glancing at the north, you can see the picturesque Siargao Island dubbed as the Philippine’s surfing capital.
  2. The Facilities. This promising ecotourism destination proudly hosts the Bayanihan View Deck and Resort. The blend of warm sea breeze and cool mountain air provides ambiance to the open hall ideal for your retreat sessions, social gatherings and seminar-workshops. Meanwhile, delicious and nutritious foods are served according to your wishes. Further, the bath and comfort rooms are attuned to international standards. Furthermore,  the twin-size bedroom with extra bed is perfect for honeymooners and small family vacation goers. Finally, electricity and water are provided 24/7.
  3. The People. The tourist spot is being taken-cared of by the members of the Socorro Bayanihan Services, Incorporated, the biggest and strongest people’s organization in the island noted for nurturing the Filipino tradition of “bayanihan” or helping each other. During the whole year-round, you can observe the group members taking turns in tending the communal farms situated within the vicinity of the view park. If you happen to go there by July,  you can observe them and the other islanders leaving the privacy of their lives and offer their services  for a period of 30 days in the construction of houses and collective farming activities with the house and farm owners shouldering the food and materials expenses while the labor is offered free.

Island Vacations- Final Thoughts

Island and nature lovers like you intending to have respite from work prefer to visit unspoiled hideaway. Hence, come and visit the Kapihan View Park and you can truly conclude that spending island vacations here is truly rest and pleasure.


island vacations

The Right Side & Entrance of Bayanihan View Deck and Resort at Kapihan View Park

island vacations

The picturesque Siargao Island Viewed from the outdoors of Bayanihan View Deck and Resort

island vacations

The Siargao Surfing Area viewed from the open hall of the Bayanihan View Deck & Resort

island vacations

The sprawling Mt. Legazpi in the mainland Surigao on the south of the Kapihan View Park

island vacations

Close-up photo of the right side entrance of the Bayanihan View Deck & Resort

island vacations

Bayanihan View Deck & Resort Front View

island vacations

Left side view of the Bayanihan View Deck & Resort

island vacations

Back View of Bayanihan View Deck & Resort

island vacations

Twin size bedroom with extra bed for honeymooners and small family vacation goers at the Park.

island vacations

Comfort with Bath Room for twin-size bedroom guests

island vacations

Doors of Female and Male Comfort Rooms for live-out guests especially the island vacations lovers


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