Dahilayan Adventure Park – My Ziplining Trip in Bukidnon, Mindanao Island, Philippines

Dahilayan  Adventure Park, having a zip zone hosting the 840-meter long dual zipline dubbed as the longest of its kind in Asia, is the latest mountain view spot that this thrill seeker and island vacations enthusiast have had the chance to visit. It is located in Mindanao Island at 4,500 feet above sea level within the vicinity of Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park in Barangay Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon Province, Philippines.

Dahilayan Adventure Park – A Ziplining Experience To Remember

My eyes really twinkled in excitement when my good friends Lomel Nunag and Charlie Sagrado had told me and my wife upon our arrival at the  Menzi Orchard Residences in Damilag, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon that we were setting foot at the spot exactly 20 kilometers away from the famous Dahilayan Adventure Park. Hence, after  going through a sensory feasting trip at the scenic Menzi Farm, details of which shall be dealt with in my future posts, we decided to proceed to Dahilayan Adventure Park with Charlie serving as our tour guide.

After a few minutes drive, we reached the home of sweet Del Monte pineapples and decided to drop at a roundabout and took shots of these  prominent views . . .

Dahilayan Adventure Park

Sculpture at its best. . . the imposing larger-than-life replica of a pineapple fruit!

Dahilayan Adventure Park

Me, my wife and our good friend cum tour guide Charlie.

The agriculturist in me had really came out as my eyes quickly rolled in all directions as our vehicle traversed on the road passing through pineapple plantations which were so vast that my eyes are  incapable of seeing its boundaries. A few minutes more and we finally reached our destination, the Dahilayan Adventure Park . . .

Dahilayan Adventure Park

The Dahilayan Adventure Park entrance . . .

Dahilayan Adventure Park

... with its strategic View Deck.

My jaw almost dropped in frustration when the booth in charge told us that our arrival at the Dahilayan Adventure Park is untimely as they were about to close the ziplining adventure. Hence, after paying the zipline fee of P 600.00 per head, we were instructed to board the last vehicle trip for the day towards the  dual cable zipline starting point. We were then assisted in wearing our ziplining gears, after which, we and proceeded to the platform and gain first hand ziplining observation on . . .

I kept myself busy calming down my wife, who has a heart problem, as I sensed that her inherent acrophobia and aerophobia had started to engulf her while watching this next batch of wire fliers . . .

Then came our turn of the wire flight. I was holding my breath as the Dahilayan Adventure Park dual cable zipline staff were fixing our gears while giving last minute instructions. A few moments of hand held radio conversation among the Dahilayan Adventure Park releasing and receiving personnel ensued and finally… one … two . . . three … scream . . .

Our acrophobic driver cum photographer Ronel expertly took these shots . . .

Dahilayan Adventure Park

Me and my wife enjoying the greatest wire flight of our life . . .

Dahilayan Adventure Park

Flashing a victory sign . . .

Dahilayan Adventure Park

... and having a victory pose!

I was thinking that our once-in-a-life time ziplining adventure had already ended. But no, a petite Dahilayan Adventure Park staff gestured us to come to the paying booth. With a warm greeting of congratulations accompanied by a nice smile, she handed to me this document . . .

Dahilayan Adventure Park

The Ziprider Certificate attesting that I conquered the 840-meter zipzone!

Dahilayan Adventure Park – Final Thoughts

Flying by wire in the zipzone of Dahilayan Adventure Park is undoubtedly one of the most exciting moments of my life. Zooming for 2 minutes, more or less, at a speed of up to 90 kph through lush greenery of pine trees and breathtaking views of a variety of scenery was an experience beyond compare. No wonder, tourists of the adventurous and thrill seeker type are taking ample steps nowadays, taking time preparing and gearing for a trip to the Dahilayan Adventure Park.

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