Fantasyland – My Visit To A Theme Park in Dapitan City, Mindanao Island, Philippines

Fantasyland – An Introduction

Glorias Fantasyland is one of the emerging best family vacation destinations outside of Manila, Philippines offering theme park rides suited not only for a thrill seeker but among island vacations, sightseeing and unique vacations enthusiasts looking for ideal spots for fun family vacations with kids playground suitable for kid friendly vacations. It is located in the City of Dapitan, Province of Zamboanga del Norte, nortwestern part of Mindanao Island, Philippines.

Fantasyland – Why I visited The Place

The fantasyland in Dapitan was actually not in my vacation checklist in going to the place as my original intention was only to visit the Rizal Shrine. Nevertheless, my good friend Ben Canama of Lorenzo Tan Multi-Purpose Cooperative (LTMPC) had persuaded me to take my time while in Dapitan and visit Glorias Fantasyland by night. Hence, I together with my wife as well as the driver decided to spend our leisure time in the theme park.

As we approached the area, I was attracted with the street light effects leading to the fantasyland entrance . . .


The spectacular light effects lining the street enroute to the Gloria Fantasyland entrance

A few steps from the gate and I was amazed with the spectacular fountain. A comely welcome signage also awaits the visitors . . .


The dazzling fountain just outside the fantasyland walls .


The comely Glorias Fantasyland welcome signage enticing visitors to go inside.

We choose to forego the PhP 500.00 ride-all-you can and opted for the PhP 200.00 sightseeing as we only intend to see the various theme park rides and pay individually whatever rides we wanted to take.

It was timely that the fireworks for the Hudyaka ZaNorte in the adjacent ground had just started as I looked at the fantasyland vicinity map . . .


Firewoks display for Hudyaka Zanorte viewed from the fantasyland.


Glorias Fantasyland Vicinity Map situated near the entry point.

I and Vanjie decided to have a photo in front of the spectacular Tea Ride . . .


A picture for posterity in front of the Tea/Choco Cups Ride.The ride is composed of six giant tea/cups rotating simulateously with its huge circular 9-meter metal base

I then took photos of important views inside the fantasyland . . .


The imposing walls fronting the Glorias Fantasyland


The comely stage where fantasy characters display their talents

And the various fantasyland  spectacular thrill seeker theme park rides  . . .


The Apollo Ride which gives a thrill seeker wearing 3D glasses an illusion of being in the spaceship. . .


The Pirate Ship, a 32- seater exciting ride with an imposing 30 meter high A-frame


The Old Western Train- an I8-seater mini train powered by a two-seater diesel locomotive prime mover that pulls the train in an existing mini forest area of the Fantasyland.


The Giant Roller Coaster- a huge 20 meters x 47 meters based ride with a maximum speed of 40 miles per hour. This ride can accommodate 26 passengers at a time.


The Wonder Flight - made up of 8 fiberglass gondolas designed like the air balloon ride which has a circular base of 8 meters.


The Mini Coaster - A fast, fun roller coaster that even younger kids can enjoy. It is located in the vicinity of the Mini-Flume Ride.

Other fantastic rides include the MINI FLUME RIDE, a wild water ride located inside the mini forest of the park. The mini flume was placed under old tress of the park so as to create a river wild/forest ride atmosphere. Further, the FLYING BALLS WHEEL RIDE is a kiddie ride that functions like a Ferris wheel. It has six attractive ball-designed gondolas. Furthermore, the TELECOMBAT RIDE is a  24seater / 12-gondola ride, a modem version of the famous octopus ride. It has a circular base of 12 meters. On the other hand, the BUMPER CAR RIDE is composed of ten (10) exciting electric bumper cars, housed inside a 12 meter x 18 meter covered area with turbo lightings. Moreover, the SWINGER RIDE is a 32-seater circular ride with exciting light decoration. This ride has a 14 meter rotating base area covered by a fiberglass canopy. The HAPPY JOURNEY RIDE is an interactive ride which is the first of its kind in the Philippines. The six electric powered cars are equipped with 2 laser guns for each car. There are 8 fiberglass animal figures made for targets. The FIGHT SHARK RIDE, also a first in the country, is an interactive ride with 12 boats equipped with 2 water guns per boat. This ride can accommodate 24 shooters at a time. The GO KART RACE CIRCUIT is composed of 10 Go Kart racing units in an exciting and challenging course. Finally, the HORROR HOUSE is a place for suspense and thrill seekers. This house is designed by the group of Tony Tuviera of TAPE and APT Productions which is the producer of URDUJA,  the successful first Filipino animated movie.

Fantasyland – Most Unforgettable Moments

Nothing beats my 5D cinema experience in Glorias Fantasyland. A pretty lady manning what seemed a booth baited me into watching a 5D cinema which, according to her, is the only one of its kind in the Philippines nowadays and 2nd only to Hongkong in Asia. That sounded like a worthwhile experience, so I bit the bullet, convinced my wife Vanjie and driver Ronel, paid the PhP 50.00 per head admission fee  for a 5-minute interactive show and finally got to sit down in the cinema chair. . .


A pose taken before the start of the 5 Dimension interactive film show.

We were told by the lady assistant to fasten our seatbelts and wear the provided 3D glasses. It turned out that we were watching an horror tunnel film. It seemed that I was riding a train speeding up to 150-200 kilometers per hour. Seemed enjoyable at the start , just waiving my head when I passed over stalactites and at times when I was threading on giant crab’s feet.

I enjoyed the moving seats and a combination of scents, wind, and water vapor sprayed into my face. The scents were definitely interesting and the  wind and water vapor were nice additions.

Then there were the moving chairs: when my train slid through a narrow tunnel, I had assumed the chair I was sitting to sway around; instead, it bounced back and forth and shook me hard every time I reached the opposite direction. It was as if the movie makers wanted to ensure that I don’t even think about getting comfortable.

Nevertheless,  the next scene was a tragedy for my wife who has a heart problem. It came with a scene on a Jurassic Park wherein, a Syntarsus, a fast-moving, meat-eating dinosaur from the Jurassic period had chanced upon me. And,  the animal’s neck sprang quickly as a flash and I watched helplessly  at the wide mouth with the horrendous teeth coming over  to devour my head. Candidly, I felt the impact of the scene on my wife as he held my hand firmly, occasionally pinching my skin as if telling me why on the hell that I brought her over there. It was then that I calmed her down with an advise  to just close her eyes and wait for the film’s end.


A pose in front of the 5 D Cinema Screen after the interactive show.

We then posed for a picture after the 5-minute film, with a vow that never  shall I have to go experience that crap brutal film in Glorias Fantasyland or any other venue again.


  1. Nice one, another reason to go to Dapitan, I should visit this place soon.

  2. I would really like to try that 5D thing! Interesting to know we have one in Mindanao.

  3. I will definitely visit this on my trip to Zamboanga del Norte later this year… thank you for sharing… 🙂

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