My Journey, My First DSLR Camera

My Journey- My Writing Passion

Writing is really my passion and part of my journey in life. I love to write compositions in my theme notebooks during my elementary days.  I wrote essays during high school and did feature writing as editor-in-chief of the college organ. In college, I participated in essay writing contests and became a regional essay writing competition champion. My writing activity came to a halt when I had landed a job in government in 1987. It was only in the 3rd quarter of 2010 that my love for writing was resurrected when my son, who is a freelance programmer and website developer, had developed a site for me. I wrote on everything under the sun about my island life. Upon reading my posts, a nephew of mine, who is into online SEO-related job, advised me to write keyword-based articles, which I did. Later on, my son told me to submit my articles to, which I also did. Within one week after the approval of my first submitted article, ezine had elevated me to the status of platinum expert writer. I need to transform my writing endeavors from generalist in nature into a niche-specific one, hence, I decided to venture into travel writing  as it is closer to my heart. Relative thereto, I launched this travel site on the last few remaining hours of December 31, 2010.

My Journey- Choosing the Site Format: Article Writing or Blogging?

I was then on a dilemma on what writing format to use in my travel site: was it article writing or blogging? I love article writing not only that I am used to it but I like the idea of writing on the readers’  shoes with the word “you” being emphasized through and through. However, I also like  blogging and takes pleasure in writing on my own shoe and frequently use “I” and “my” in my write-ups.

To settle once and for all, I decided to combine the two formats and choose to go into article writing first and venture into blogging later on when I can get hold of a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Camera which I can call my own. I consulted professional photographers on the best brand of DSLR and they were on the consensus that I should buy Nikon. I surfed the net on the cheap camera suppliers in Manila and was informed by Out of Town Travel Blog about Henry’s Camera and Photo Supply. I traced the address 310 P. Gomez Street corner R. Hidalgo Street, Quiapo, Manila and was able to buy my  Nikon  D7000 Kit at a price much lower than at the malls. So here I am, posting my maiden blog, as promised.

My Journey-What’s In The Name

After a series of self-brain storming sessions, I choose MY JOURNEY as blog title. In this, I shall not only write about my travels but also any other interesting facets of my life’s journey. Unlike my articles which, as much as possible, shall be focused on island vacations in island getaways, here in My Journey blog I shall post my sojourn in all my travel destinations.

my journey

Scene of a typical rush sales hour inside Henry's Camera & Photo Supply

my journey

Another view of the sales activities inside Henry's Camera & Photo Supply- and establishment which became a part of my journey in travel blogging.


  1. I was just at Henry’s yesterday! Bought a new point-and-shoot (Lumix, semi-pro). I’m not a DSLR person. When I travel, I don’t want to focus more on taking photos (composing, changing settings, etc) than on experiencing the place. But that’s just me; to each his own, of course.

    Congrats on your spanking new blog! I’ll be following your island escapades. 🙂

  2. I also have a huge passion for writing but I never set a goal to be a professional writer since I have other passions and skills I am superb at :))
    Now after I am reading your article, I start to have a dream to be a part time writer in a newspaper.

    It is really nice to meet you,

    Your new reader,

    • It’s really nice to hear that my article had inspired such a person already imbued with the spirit to do something like you. Truly, I may have lots of works to do as Municipal Agriculturist and part-time CEO of a fast-growing cooperative (with 5 branches at that), but I still find time to embrace with the love of my life. . . . WRITING. I commend you for dreaming as a newspaper writer. If I may suggest, you start making steps towards it’s fulfillment. Judging from your writing style and your passion to do it, I can now foresee my new-found friend to be a professional newspaper writer in the few days to come. Likewise, I found treasure in meeting with you . . .

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