Backpackers Hostel – The Island Vacations Country Inn At Bucas Grande Island

Backpackers Hostel – An Introduction

A backpackers hostel, which is a small hotel aptly named Island Vacations Country Inn, is established to cater to the billeting needs of backpackers and island getaways aficionados intending to spend on the beach holidays and go sight seeing on the fantastic caverns, seaside lagoon, seaside waterfall, and a view park and visit the giant mangrove forest and Colorum Uprising landmarks as well as observe the rich culture of people helping people in Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte Philippines. Located just 100 meters away from the Socorro Port, the backpacker hostel also aimed to accommodate medium-end tourists.

Backpackers Hostel – What The Island Vacations Country Inn Can Offer

Three months after I had featured in my blog the various natural attractions of Bucas Grande Island, I received numerous emails from my readers expressing interest in visiting the island. First and foremost of their query was the availability of affordable backpackers hostel with internet access. I promptly answered to the email senders that there indeed were available world-class vacation resorts within the vicinity of the Sohoton Cove but they catered to high-end tourists and hence, were pricey beyond the budget of medium-end tourists and backpackers notwithstanding the absence of internet facilities. I thought that the interest would just die down. However, contrary to my expectations, the queries on the same subject had become more frequent as the days passed by.

Meanwhile, it has been my dream to let the world know that there exist a variety of eco-tourism destinations in Bucas Grande Island. Moreover, I dreamed of telling the world the the fact that only in Bucas Grande that the Filipino Bayanihan culture of people helping people is practiced by heart. This is being done by way of an annual month-long Tinabangay activity, wherein, able-bodied men has to leave the privacy of their lives and offer their services for free for 30 straight days, except Sundays, spanning from July to August to work in the house construction and collective farming activities with the house and farm owners only shouldering the food and material cost. Such deeply-rooted tradition did not just occurred by chance but was developed as an aftermath of the Colorum Uprising which culminated on the attack on Bucas Grande Island by the mighty US Marines and Filipino Constables on board the patrol gunship USS Sacramento in 1924. An e-book on the uprising from the point of view of a grandson of one of the local defenders shall be released by this writer soon.

The campaign to visit Sohoton Cove has had slowly gained acceptance as evidenced by the growing influx of tourists in the area. Nevertheless, the absence of an affordable backpackers hostel in the place had forced a number of tourists to just hop to the southern side of the island and return to their destination afterward thereby missing in the process the opportunity to visit the other equally alluring tourist destinations and historical sites situated near the Socorro town center. Moreover, the chances for the tourists to mingle with the local folks and observe their rich bayanihan culture were also lost.

It is for this reason that I and my wife had decided to establish and operate a backpackers hostel on a leased property owned by my elder brother in preparation for the travel and tours that we will be operating in the very near future. After a few months of construction works, I felt satisfied that a small hotel and country inn was inaugurated on July 31, 2011.

Allow me then to bring you to a walk through to the Island Vacations Country Inn. Upon arrival at the Port of Socorro from any port of origin such as Surigao City; Barangay Hayangabon, Claver in mainland Surigao del Norte and Dapa, Siargao Island, you will be greeted with this sight . . .

Backpackers Hostel

The modern Socorro Municipal Feeder Port. On the right is the entry point for outbound passengers while the incoming passengers shall pass through the Welcome Arc on the left.

After passing through the Welcome Arc, this signage on the right side of the street at the edge of the Municipal Public Market would surely catch your attention . . .

Backpackers Hostel

An imposing Island Vacations Country Inn tarpaulin guiding visitors on the exact location of the small hotel

Just a few minutes walk and you will notice this imposing structure on the first street corner . . .

Backpackers Hostel

The Island Vacations Country Inn standing proud at A. Taruc Corner Burgos Streets in Socorro town center.

The facade of the backpackers hostel with the signage bearing good news to internet savvy-travelers . . .

Backpackers Hostel

The Free Wifi Wireless Internet Access notice in the signage would surely catch the attention of laptop-bearing visitors.

A few more steps would bring you to the hostel entrance situated at the other side of the building . . .

Backpackers Hostel

The entrance door of the Island Vacations Country Inn with the Socorro Port Welcome Arc seen at the background.

After entering the backpackers hostel and climbing through a stairway lined with elegant   hard wood balusters, this alluring sight would greet your eyes. . .

Backpackers Hostel

The comely Island Vacations Country Inn front desk . . .

Ask your self if your senses will not be captured by this lovely smile . . .

Backpackers Hostel

The amiable receptionist manning the hostel front desk . . .

Conspicuously displayed within the vicinity of the front desk of the backpackers hostel are two important information age gadgets . . .

Backpackers Hostel

A flat-screen cable TV and a state-of-the art wireless router supplying 24/7 free wireless internet access to guests.

You can chose from an array of accommodations, the first being the ordinary room provided with an electric fan and a separate comfort and bath room . . .

Backpackers Hostel

Sturdy  double-deck beds providing comfort to weary travelers . . .

For group travelers, this dormitory-type air-conditioned room would surely fit your taste . . .

Backpackers Hostel

A view of the single and double-deck beds suited for guests traveling in group.

Backpackers Hostel

The other side of the dormitory-type air-conditioned room. . .

Foremost to be considered in selecting a backpackers hostel or any other public house is the quality of its comfort rooms. Here at Island Vacations Country Inn, you can be assured of a modern toilet and bath facilities with reliable water supply . . .

Backpackers Hostel

An elegant toilet bowl with hydraulic-driven cover . . .

Backpackers Hostel

Excellent quality sink and telephone-type shower facilities . . .

For couples, the family room of the backpackers hostel with toilet and bath facilities identical with the air conditioned dormitory type room is an excellent choice . . .

Backpackers Hostel

A simple yet elegant matrimonial bed . . .

Backpackers Hostel

With cabinet cum working table . . .

And now, the rates . . .



Dormitory-type Ordinary (Common Toilet & Bath)

One (1) Four (4) PhP 200.00 per head per day
Dormitory-type Air- conditioned (With Toilet & Bath) One (1) Eight (8) Php 250.00 per head per day
Family Room (With toilet & Bath) One (1) Two (2) with one (1) extra bed extendable up to three (3) PhP 750.00 per room per day for two (2);Php 250.00 per head per day

Booking Terms and Conditions:

1.) One day (24-hours) rate shall commence on the check-in time. A fraction of 24 hours is considered as 1 day;

2.) Booking can be done by directly contacting the mobile number +639088842056 or by email at;

3.) Full payment in cash or remitted through the following Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP) Account Information: Account Name: ISLAND VACATION TRAVEL AND TOURS; Savings Account Number: 0981163516 is required to finalize the booking. If payment is not received at three (3) days before the check-in date, the reservation will automatically be released without penalty and without prior notice;

4. ) Any change in the booking made after payment is received shall be accepted and be re-booked to another available date. In case of refund, a refund fee equivalent to 15% of the booking amount shall be deducted;

5.) A minimum of 2 guests at a time is required for  the dormitory-type air-conditioned room. A single occupant shall be billed PhP 500.00 per day;

6.) Children 2-6 years old  in excess of 2 guests in the family room is allowed whie  7-11 years shall be charged 50% of the extra bed rate. Children 12 years old and above are considered adults and shall be charged adult rates for extra bed.

7.) Only bath towels shall be provided. Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. shall be provided by the guests themselves.

Backpackers Hostel – Final Thoughts

Security and comfort are key ingredients that a traveler will consider in selecting a public house for temporary shelter. For tourists coming to Bucas Grande Island for sightseeing into its rich natural and man made attractions and observing the rich culture of its people, you can be assured that  the security features, amenities and services  of the Island Vacations Country Inn are tailored fit for a quality backpackers hostel ready to accommodate modern-day tourists and travelers like you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Hostel is now undergoing major renovation. Resumption of operation will be announced as soon as possible.

For the mean time, backpackers may stay at another tourist inn owned by us located just a stone’s throw away from the Island Vacations Country Inn. For details, please click HERE.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for a native-inspired yet elegant resort within the vicinity of the Sohoton Cove, the Sohoton Bay Resort is for you. For details, please click HERE.


  1. Congratulations Sir… very affordable accommodations just what any backpackers need.:)

  2. Very informative entry sir, sana madagdagan pa mga backpacker hostels sa atin 🙂

    • Thanks for the kind words. It’s a dream come true for me to operate an affordable hostel with quality services and facilities, especially the wireless internet access very much essential for us bloggers.

  3. Galeng nito; ang mura lang anoh? I have to check in to this INN when I get to Surigao one of these days. hehe:-)

  4. I like this post. this is very helpful for solo travelers.

  5. Nice hostel!

    A little bit small though as we’re looking for a place to stay which have a couple of single-/double rooms.

    I will although keep this site bookmarked for future references 🙂

  6. Aha! Perfect! I’m bookmarking this for next year. I plan to live in Siargao for a month. Hopefully by then, more places like this will be available since my first choice is to live in General Luna near Cloud Nine so I can surf. 🙂

  7. wants to stay here soon. 🙂 im planning to come back to Bucas Grande Islands. 🙂

  8. hello. my friends and i are planning to go to bucas grande this summer and we would like to stay in ur hostel. and, we would also like to know if u offer activities like going to sohoton cave and island hopping

  9. What is the best time to visit Bucas Grande? If we come this August, are we going to see the jellyfish in the sanctuary?

  10. hello how can we contact you? thank you

  11. Nice place you have right there! Hope you also assist tour packages for guest’s convenience — a one-stop shop. It would be way much cooler!

  12. Hi Sir Ed we are planning to visit your town in Socorro and stay in your Backpackers Hostel in September 6, 2014 we are 7 in the group how can we reserve a room? Thanks and Godbless!!!

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