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Backpackers Hostel – The Island Vacations Country Inn At Bucas Grande Island

The Free Wifi Wireless Internet Access notice in the signage would surely catch the attention of laptop-bearing internet savvy visitors.

A backpackers hostel, which is a small hotel aptly named Island Vacations Country Inn, is established to cater to the billeting needs of backpackers and island getaways aficionados intending to spend on the beach holidays and go sight seeing on the fantastic caverns, seaside lagoon, seaside waterfall, and a view park and visit the giant mangrove forest and Colorum Uprising landmarks as well as observe the rich culture of peope helping people in Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte Philippines. Read More »

Battlefield Tours – My Trip To Corregidor Island, Philippines (Part 2)

Filipino Heroes Hall

Corregidor  is a rocky, tadpole-shaped, three mile-long and 1 ½ miles at its widest point,  island strategically located at the entrance of Manila Bay facing the China Sea and flanked by the provinces of Bataan and Cavite. It’s name came from the Spanish word “coregir” meaning to correct, since the island was a checkpoint for vessels entering Manila Bay during ... Read More »

Battlefield Tours – My Trip To Corregidor Island, Philippines (Part 1)

Participating in battlefield tours has always been my dream since childhood. Being a war history aficionado, I dreamed of visiting the battlefields, war graves, memorials and the last resting places of the fallen heroes. There are a lot of battlefields in the Philippines but I prefer to visit the island of Corregidor  not only for historical but more of a sentimental ... Read More »