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Backpackers Hostel – The Island Vacations Country Inn At Bucas Grande Island

The Free Wifi Wireless Internet Access notice in the signage would surely catch the attention of laptop-bearing internet savvy visitors.

A backpackers hostel, which is a small hotel aptly named Island Vacations Country Inn, is established to cater to the billeting needs of backpackers and island getaways aficionados intending to spend on the beach holidays and go sight seeing on the fantastic caverns, seaside lagoon, seaside waterfall, and a view park and visit the giant mangrove forest and Colorum Uprising landmarks as well as observe the rich culture of peope helping people in Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte Philippines. Read More »

Green Events – An Earth Friendly Bakhaw Festival In Siargao Island

Green Events – What Is It? Green events are earth friendly, green initiatives to save the environment having focus on a practice, technology or cause such as fairs and festivals that are environment friendly like a green festival in Siargao Island promoting environmental awareness, which is an emerging attraction among island vacations buffs, dubbed as Bakhaw or Mangrove Festival in ... Read More »

Island Vacations – Nominated for My 7 Links Project

Island Vacations – The Nomination Island Vacations was nominated by Marcia of Inside Journeys to participate in the “My 7 Links Project” (Thanks Very Much, Marcia!) Initiated by Tripbase, the My 7 Links Project aims “to unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts ... Read More »

Seaside Waterfall – A Visit To Magkahuyog Falls in Bucas Grande Island, Philippines

Seaside Waterfall – An Introduction A seaside waterfall, aptly named Magkahuyog Falls, which is a favorite island vacations, island getaways and family beach vacations destinations, has unique and stunning features compared to other ponds and waterfalls prominently featured in popular waterfalls pictures of biggest waterfalls in the world as it cascades directly into a seaside beach towards the crystal clear ... Read More »

Filipino Desserts – 2 Delicious Reasons To Visit Bucas Grande Island, Philippines

Filipino Desserts – What Are They? Filipino desserts, generally considered as delicious desserts, are courses that typically comes at the end of Philippine family meals or during snack time usually consisting of awesome sweet foods considered favorite foods among island vacations and island getaways buffs and other foodies  usually served during special occasions involving family members, real friends and other ... Read More »