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A Dangerous Trip to Great Wall of China

A thumbs-up pose both for the upcoming climb and the aborted cardiac arrest of my Indonesian buddy. . .

If you have not climbed the Great Wall, you have not seen China so goes the declaration of Chairman Mao Zedong . These were the words that kept reverberating in my mind when I was in Kunming City, Yunan Province, China participating not only in an ordinary study tour but attending the 2012 Asia and Pacific High Level Cooperative Leaders Round Table Discussion on Business Cooperation. Hence, on the last day of the Kunming activity, when the bulk of the 35 delegates from 16 cooperative federations in 12 Asia-Pacific countries were heading home, I took a 4-hour Kunming to Beijing flight together with the 5 delegates from Indonesia. Like me, the Indonesians were able to have a prior arrangement with the host, the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (ACFSMC), for a side trip to the capital city to make our China travel worthwhile. Read More »