How I Found A Getaway for Seekers of Cheap Spa Breaks

The Discovery

I hit two birds in one stone, so to speak, during my visit to the first marine-themed mall in the Philippines dubbed the Manila Ocean Park situated in the capital city of Manila. Not only did I found the place to be a perfect destination for people longing for wonderful underwater world experiences, but I discovered the venue to be an appropriate getaway especially for weary citizens looking for cheap spa breaks.

After my senses were through feasting on the Flow; the Reef; the Fishing Ground; the Living Ocean and the Deep sections situated on the first level of the oceanarium, I was wondering what fun are in store after I shall climb to this staircase. . .

cheap spa breaks

The way up to the second floor of the Manila Ocean Park

As I stepped on the last stair tread, I was really ecstatic upon seeing the bold letters signaling that I was on my way to the Fish Spa with a cheap price tag of PhP 120.00 or roughly $ 3.00 for a 10-minute session . . .

cheap spa breaks

The Fish Spa signage

I had sensed mixed emotions on the faces of the guests as their feet were being submerged on a tiny pool with scores of fish nibbling on their feet and lower legs . . .

cheap spa breaks

The Fish Spa enthusiasts enjoying the fish nibbling session

Unable to contain my excitement, I rolled my jeans and dropped my feet into the water . . .

cheap spa breaks

Scores of nibble fish feasting over the dead skin cells of my feet.

Candidly, a hard-to-explain feeling of rejuvenation had engulfed my body and soul as the schools of nibble fish, otherwise named as Doctor Fish, had feasted on the dead skin cells of the front, middle and rear parts of my feet up to the lower legs. Truly, the pleasant tingling sensation that I felt for the first time had really justified the long-held belief of the Romans and carried forward nowadays worldwide that Sanus Per Aquam (SPA), which literally means HEALTH BY OR THROUGH WATER, could heal aching bodies.

The Day Spa

I was then thinking that if the fish doing the tricks of foot spa can satisfy weary travelers like me, how much more of the humans equipped with facilities performing the task. Hence, on my return home to Surigao City on the northeastern-most part of Mindanao Island, I searched for a day spa business establishment that can really cater to the needs of customers wanting to spend luxury spa days and found this one at the heart of the city. . .

cheap spa breaks

The facade of the Victoria Spa

As I went over their checklist, I found out that the establishment was offering a wide range of services for spa and beauty treatments.

cheap spa breaks

Checklist of services offered by Victoria Spa

Eager to make a comparison between a fish spa done by the nibble fish and a foot spa handled by expert therapists, I told the front desk attendant of my desire to avail of the foot spa service. But to my surprise, I was showed with a long list of customers queuing ahead of me. Since I am in a hurry going home to Bucas Grande Island, I just opted for the Body Massage with Aromatherapy . . .

cheap spa breaks

Gearing for the body massage session. . .

cheap spa breaks

Savoring the sensation of foot massage . . .

Not only that the one-hour session had rejuvenated my body but it had shifted my paradigm on the life of the therapists. While my not-so-fidel male friends kept telling me not-so-good stories about their encounter with therapists, but my experience at Victoria Spa had made me realize that those ladies were performing a decent job with a not-so-modest income. Hence, I offered Gina a decent tip for a job well done plus a promise that I shall return for the aborted plan for a foot spa session.

Me and the Victoria Spa therapist . . .

Final Thoughts

While battle-weary Roman legionnaires in the ancient time found their way to recover from their military wounds and ailments through springs and baths, I accidentally found my own means of healing my weary feet, thanks to the nibbles of the Doctor Fish. My 10-minute encounter with the creatures that I initially thought to be good only to fill the stomachs of the homo sapiens and other dominant species on earth was really worth-remembering, which I recommend experiencing for themselves especially for busy travelers aching for sense-stimulating and soul-rejuvenating cheap spa breaks like you.


  1. We’ve created a safe, nurturing space for you to come to. Enjoy a relaxing massage, an in-depth facial, or a hand and foot treatment that will surely captivate your senses.

    • Thanks very much for dropping by Winston. You commented from a Spanish website and I suppose you’re from Spain. I love your country and I look forward at travelling back there in the near future.

  2. I really enjoy your post buddy. I can also feel my feet nibbling by those small fishes in that tank and also my back is engulfing with incredible pleasure while reading it 🙂

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