Manila Ocean Park – A Stroll On The Marine World In Manila, Philippines

Manila Ocean Park – An Introduction

Manila Ocean Park is a marine theme park which has become a favorite fun family vacations and kid friendly vacations destination and among the kid friendly attractions ideal for a thrill seeker, island vacations aficionado or other persons  either on a sightseeing expedition or on a study tour to observe the marine world from the seaside up to the deepest part of the ocean. It is located near Roxas Boulevard (behind the historic Quirino Grandstand on the western end of Rizal Park) in Ermita, Manila City, Luzon Island, Philippines.

Manila Ocean Park

The Manila Ocean Park Location Map courtesy of

Manila Ocean Park

The Manila Ocean Park Design courtesy of

Manila Ocean Park – Why I Visited The Marine World Theme Park

Being born and raised in an island, I cannot imagine dissociating myself with the sea. The sight of glamorous beaches and various forms of marine life really stimulates my senses while the sound of waves pounding at the shorelines rejuvenates my soul. In fact, having the chance to visit the Sentosa Underwater World Oceanarium in Singapore in 2007 was one of the happiest moments of my life. Candidly, my heart really jumped with joy upon hearing the news that the Manila Ocean Park was opened last March 1, 2008. Since then, I dreamed of visiting the place and see it for myself . But my hectic schedules during my occasional visits to Manila had relegated my intention to the background.

Thanks to the clarion call of Angel Juarez, this month’s Pinoy Travel Bloggers Blog Carnival host, for bloggers to write something about Manila that will keep you and me on coming back to the capital city of the Philippines which convinced me to squeeze my travel itinerary so I can visit the Manila Ocean Park.  Amidst intermittent rains, I managed to reach the place and the message on this tarpaulin hung at the entrance of the building had caught my attention . . .

Manila Ocean Park

The Manila Ocean Park Promotion Packages . . .

I was attracted with the Oceanarium-Jellies-Fish Spa-Sea Lion Show package, hence, I bought the Sun Up Saver ticket for PhP 600.00. As I passed through the entrance, a rain forest motif  had greeted my eyes. Moments later, I heard a sweet female voice over welcoming me and the other guests to the  Manila Ocean Park, announcing that we are standing right in the Agos (Flow) Section of the Oceanarium and explaining in detail about the freshwater fishes stored in 8 tanks.

A further walk and I heard the sound of waves splashing through the sea shore as I passed through an entry point labeled as Bahura (The Reef), wherein, I saw an exhibit of artificial corals stored in 48 tanks. I slogged further and reached the Laot (Fishing Ground) Section where I saw various species of fish including giant Manta Rays (Pagi)  stored in long tanks. A few more steps led me to this fascinating sight . . .

Manila Ocean Park

Ang Kalaliman ( The Deep) Section of the Oceanarium showcasing the marine animals found in the deepest parts of the Philippine’s waters like the schools of Bluefin Trevally, named scientifically as Caranx melampygus and known locally especially in Surigao as Langog shown here.

A few steps further and I reached this area. . .

Manila Ocean Park

The entry point to the Buhay na Karagatan (Living Ocean) Section of the Oceanarium . . .

The Living Ocean turned out to be the main attraction of the oceanarium which boasted of  a 25-meter long walkway tunnel with 220-degree curved acrylic walls.

Manila Ocean Park

A pose for posterity at the acrylic underwater tunnel . . .

I spent for quite sometime watching all forms of marine life while walking through the tunnel. On my way to the exit, I passed by the sharks (Pating) in spacious tanks.

After exiting the Oceanarium, I was told by a staff to climb upstairs for the Fish Spa. As I reached this place, I spotted upon this group of guests . . .

Manila Ocean Park

The Manila Ocean Park guests enjoying the Fish Spa . . .

I had sensed that all the guests were wearing a smile as their feet were being submerged on a man-made pool with schools of fish nibbling on their feet and soles. Hence, I also rolled my pants and submerged my bare feet to the waters . . .

Truly, I  felt rejuvenated after schools of Nibble Fish, otherwise known as Doctor Fish, feasted on the dead skin cells off my feet and soles as the nibbling massage of the doctor fish carried a pleasant tingling sensation on my feet. In fact, if I had my way, I would prefer to be nibbled the whole day had it not been for the notice of the staff that my 10-minute allocated fish spa session had already expired.

Afterward, I proceeded to the next Manila Ocean Park destination covered by the promotional package and this sight had captured my attention . . .

Manila Ocean Park

The comely signage enticing guests to witness the jellies dubbed dancing sea fairies.

The sights of various species of jellyfish I had savored inside seemed a nourishment to my eyes. But it was the Spotted Jellyfish (Mastigias papua), having a brownish umbrella with white spots whose thick tentacles resemble the arms of an octopus, had really caught my attention as they are the non-stingy ones  abundantly present in Sohoton Cove at Bucas Grande Island, Philippines.

I was craving for some more sights until I reached this place which really captured my romantic imagination . . .

Candidly, the sight of the jellyfish seemed dancing at the tune of sweet music made me decide to stay for long in the place. However, my watch kept telling me that the Sea Lion Show, the last leg of my Manila Ocean Park stroll, will commence at exactly 4:30 p.m, hence, I exited the room with much hesitance.

As there were only a few minutes left before the appointed time, I rushed to the Sea Lion Show venue and this sight greeted my eyes . . .

Manila Ocean Park

The Manila Ocean Park guests awaiting for the finale show of the day, the Sea Lion Show.

I positioned myself in one of the front-row seats to have a vantage point of the most awaited show. Candidly,  I was awe-inspired with this spectacular show unfolding in front of me . . .

Not content with just watching the show, I preferred to have a photo session with the sea lion . . .

Manila Ocean Park

A warm hand shake . . .

Manila Ocean Park

A belated birthday kiss . . .

Manila Ocean Park

A pat on the back . . .

Manila Ocean Park

A snappy salute . . .

Manila Ocean Park

A breast-out . . .

Manila Ocean Park

… And Finally, the tongue out wacky shoot!

Manila Ocean Park – Final Thoughts

The Manila Ocean Park might not be as large and well-equipped as some of the more famous marine theme parks in Asia, but it is still a popular attraction among the Filipinos and foreign visitors.  The fact that the first volunteer on the photo session with the sea lions in the midst of the Sea Lion Show was a female Indonesian national was proof that the Manila Ocean Park had already gained popularity among our Asian neighbors. The existence of the Manila Ocean Park has become a national pride among the Filipinos and visiting the spot by marine world lovers like you is a step in the right direction if only to prove that the Philippine capital city of Manila has attractions worthy of a visit by local and foreign tourists alike.

Manila Ocean Park

This Manila Ocean Park blog post is my 3rd entry to the  Blog Carnival of the Pinoy Travel Bloggers with the theme Manila in Focus hosted by Angel Juarez  of Lakwatsero.


  1. Great post, featuring the ocean park. Good advertisement of Manila Ocean Park! Your photos with sea lion is so cool 😀

    • Thanks for the dropping by and for the kind words. Yes, a free ride for the Manila Ocean Park, he he. Truly, my close encounter with the sea lion was such an exhilarating experience. . .

  2. I’ve been there, but I missed all the good stuff: fish spa, jellyfish room, and the sea lion show. :=(

    Cute photos with the sea lion, sir! :=)

    • Really? You missed the real fun AJ. More reason for you to come back and savor the tingling nibbling sensation at the fish spa that tickles your imagination, the dancing sea fairies which make you imagine that you’re in wonderland and most of all the warm encounter with the sea lion.

  3. I missed the fun stuff too. There wasn’t sea fairies yet and the lion show wasn’t on during my visit but I should have tried the fish spa. It would have been fun 🙂

    • Manila Ocean Park today is much more prepared to entertain guests. Was told by the sea lion keeper that their next added attraction would be the penguin show in Antarctica setting.

  4. Gusto kong bumalik sa Manila Ocean Park

  5. never been here…wala ako time pa pumasok sa Ocean Park Manila. thanks for sharing parang nakalibot na rin ako sir!

  6. Wow, I envy you for having found the chance to go there! I live in Manila and haven’t visited that before. Too expensive for me hehe. The pics look good though, and I’m thinking now of going there as some sort of a reward for myself hehe

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