Spain Attractions – A Peek At Valencia City Tourist Spots

Seeing Spain attractions is one of my intentions for my travel to Spain. Nevertheless, the travel itinerary prepared by the Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional Para el Desarrollo (AECID), which sponsored our 10-day Study Tour on the Development of Cooperative Integration In Spain, was very hectic. Hence, I and the rest of the 15-man Philippine delegation just made use of whatever free time available to have a free wheeling visit to Spain attractions and have a peek on Spain culture.

Thus, after the conclusion of our 6th day study tour at  ANECOOP and COARVAL, two of the largest secondary cooperatives not only in Spain but in Europe as well, our tour guide gave us the green light to roam aroud the city with instruction for us to divide the delegation into smaller groups to make the sightseeing trip as manageable as possible. It is worthy to mention that prior to that instruction, I and my fellow Caraga Region delegates Almar Autida of Surigao del Sur and Nielo Tingzon of Agusan del Norte had already formed an informal alliance dubbed CONTRATA in view of our standing agreement to exchange cameras amonng ourselves during photo opportunity sessions.

Spain attractions in Toledo City

The Contrata Group composed of from left: Me, Almar Autida and Nielo Tingson posing for posterity at Toledo City, Spain.

Hence, in response to the tour guide’s instruction, the three of us had allied ourselves quick like metals clinging into the magnet. Our first and only stop was the Centro Historico (Historic Center) located at the heart of Valencia City, which is encircled by the Jardin del Turia to the north and by the ring roads of Guillem de Castro, Carrer Xativa and Carrer Colon. The spot is famous for narrow, cobbled streets and medieval stone houses like this . . .

Spain attractions narrow street

A walk through the pinched streets within the vicinity of the Historical Center.

Among the popular Spain attractions found in the Historic Center is the Arch of Triumph . . .

Spain attractions Arch of Triumph

Almar having pose with the Arch of Triumph at the background

The people of Valencia City are noted for paying tribute to men and women who bring honor not only to the city but the entire country as well as exemplified by this sculpture made of marble with the inscription Al Pintor Pinazo Valencia dedicated to Ignacio Pinazo Camarlench considered as one of the greatest painters Valencia has ever produced.

Spain attractions Pinazo sculpture

A souvenir photo in front of the sculpture dedicated to the great painter Ignacio Pinazo .

Eager to buy souvenir items for our families, close friends and relatives back home, we decided to go on shopping at the popular mall chain in Spain, the El Corte Ingles. . .

Spain attractions El Corte Ingles

The facade of the El Corte Ingless mall chain

The sprawling 17,000-capacity Bullring, a Coliseum-styled Neoclassic building made between 1850 and 1860, would surely fill the emotions of first time visitors like you with awe and inspiration. Truly, the building stands as proof that the controversial, but regularly thrilling, gladiatorial activity between a human and a ferocious bull, which is considered as one of the most popular among Spain attractions, is very much alive in the city of Valencia.

Spain attractions Valencia Bullring

The imposing Valencia Bullring

We had the chance to squeeze our study tour time the following day and visited some tourist attractions within the vicinity of the historical center, among them, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento where you can find the City Hall that is open for tourists like you who want to view the magnificent architecture this building is proud of. Another must visit in the square is the main Post Office building where unique stamps abound that could really satisfy the appetite of avid stamp collectors like you. But most importantly, the fountain at the center of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, which is bordered by beds consisting of every type, shape, color , size and fragrance of flower that you can imagine, makes your visit to the main square of Valencia City memorable and enjoyable as it makes the surrounding sprawling buildings more picturesque than they already are.

Spain attractions Plaza del Ayuntamiento

The attractive fountain at the center of Plaza del Ayuntamiento in Valencia City, Spain.

I really considered myself fortunate enough to have witnessed one of the unique Spain attractions comprising of a fountain which represents the Turia River, considered the most important body of water in the Autonomous Community of Valencia, in human form surrounded by its tributaries. Dubbed as the Turia Fountain, it sits outside the Basilica of Nuestra Señora de los Desamparados in the Plaza de la Virgen.

Spain attractions Turia Fountain

A pose for posterity at the unique Turia Fountain at Plaza de la Virgen in Valencia, Spain

The lack of material time had hampered my desire to visit one of the most popular man-made Spain attractions in Valencia dubbed as the City of Arts and Sciences. However, the chance for us to pass by the area en route to another study tour destination was already a manna from heaven like me as I struggled hard to take the best shot from the chartered bus window as possible . . .

Spain attractions city of Arts and Sciences

One of the magnificent buildings comprising the City of Arts and Sciences as seen from our tourist bus window.

As our bus was cruising the expressway, I really felt sorry for not setting foot and marvel at one of the most impressive examples of modern architecture I have had ever seen in my lifetime. Designed by the great Valentian architect Santiago Calatrava, it is an ensemble of five areas in the dry river bed of the now diverted River Turia made up of an Opera House and Performing Arts Centre; Imax Cinema, Planetarium and Laserium; Walkway and Garden; Science Museum and; Open-Air Oceanographic Park surrounded by attractive streams and pools thereby making it a perfect to learn and unwind by day or night.

But nothing beats my excitement as I was able to grasp myself the popular Valencia Orange which abound in the city proper of Valencia like this one being grown abundantly inside the compound of the GRUPOUTECO or Territorial Union of Cooperatives in Valencia . . .

Spain attractions Valencia Orange

Getting hold of the popular Valencia Orange . . .

Spain Attractions In Valencia – Final Thoughts

There is nothing more enjoyable after seeing some of Spain attractions in Valencia City. From sitting back and relaxing to the sounds of the unique Turia Fountain and the picturesque fountain with occasional bells that chime on the hour from the Town Hall to seeing impressive sculptures, neo-classical buildings and bustling modern shopping centers, those were once-in-a-lifetime experiences especially for a person of lesser wealth and stature like me. Candidly, my sightseeing experiences in the third largest city in Spain made me realize how blessed I am to be among the few Filipinos being given the chance to savor the popular Spain attractions which other persons like you are surely dreaming to see for themselves.


  1. You might have missed some sights, but you definitely saw heaps too! The Bullring does look Coliseum-ish.

    • Yes Gay, the sights I’ve mentioned are only tips of the iceberg in terms of Valentian attractions but the chance of seeing them is already a big blessing on my part.

  2. What you’ve done becomes the judge of what you’re going to do – especially in other people’s minds. When you’re traveling, you are what you are right there and then. People don’t have your past to hold against you. No yesterdays on the road.

  3. sarap mag baon sa surigao ug orange sir edz.:-).

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