Real Friends – My Key In Winning The Go Pro Hero Contest

Let me start this post by borrowing these lines about real friends from one of my favorite websites:

So how do you know if you are real friends or just simple friends?

A simple friend hates it when you call after she has gone to bed.

A real friend asks you why you took so long to call.

A simple friend seeks to talk with you about your problems.

A real friend seeks to help you with your problems.

A simple friend expects you to always be there for them.

A real friend expects to always be there for you!

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have simple friends, as they are fun and offer another network of people to socialise with. But you can’t bet real friends, you know the ones you wear trackies around, go to a movie when you are feeling down or just hang out and talk about stuff.

real friends

Truly, I found not only simple but real friends during my stint as the only Filipino out of the 10 finalists of the GoPro Hero Contest sponsored by the The Planet D’s Dave and Deb. Candidly, I participated in the contest not only for the prize but for sentimental reasons as well. After I launched my travel site in the few remaining hours of December 31, 2011, I kept on sending e-mails to travel blog administrators begging for links. Immediately, I got a rebuke from a seasoned blogger sternly advising me to stop sending e-mails for support as, being a neophyte blogger, I don’t deserve to get it. By heaven’s grace, and when I was on the verge of total disillusionment, an email from the prestigious Canadian blogging couple Dave and Deb had arrived offering my first ever  link from a foreign travel site and encouraging me to go on with my travel blogging passion and hurdle the trying times as a novice as they had also threaded on the same path three years ago. Since then, I always made sure that I browsed on their travel site every time I opened the net, hence, I was among the first to know the launching of the GoPro Hero Contest.

Candidly, the post announcing the contest finalists had sent shivers down my spine for I didn’t really expect to land into the top 10 given the overwhelming number of Dave and Deb’s fans around the world responding to their call for entries. When I was informed that the winner shall be chosen from among the most number of “likes” from Facebook account holders,  I knew that I would be facing a tough challenge judging from my experience as a hands-on campaign strategist during my stint in the hotly contested seat for the board of Directors of a local electric cooperative. Hence, I embarked into a campaign offensive posting on my facebook account wall so my more than 500 listed friends can read and vote. Immediately, my staff at the Socorro Empowered People’s Cooperative (SOEMCO) responded to the call and served as my first wave of campaigners. Credit is due to Novelyn Ramirez who texted her co-employees to support their CEO. But, it was Joymafe Tesado who provided the missing voting link as she had discovered that one has to like first to The Planet D’s Facebook Fan Page before the like button would appear below my picture. My immediate family members Vanjing, Vladimir, Ranjick, Eimereen, Edil Jovann and Edrian had moved heaven and earth to win votes for me. Glenn Mark and Ysis Dizon had left no stones unturned in getting support from their friends. My friends Raul Pregon, Robert Quisto and Imelda Espenorio Dela Concepcion campaigned hard for me. But, to my surprise, two relatively unknown friends came to my rescue and provided the core of my campaign. The first being Lovely Libra, an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) based in Qatar and the other in the person of Evelyn Tamayo Solde another OFW based in Hongkong. Truly, their Facebook chatting prowess had attracted a number of OFWs to vote for me. Another unexpected support came from Desiree Joy Deloso Macumo-Roque, a Filipina immigrant in Australia who rallied her Filipino friends to support me. A number of my relatives, friends and fellow travel bloggers also provided their support either as campaigners or avid voters.

As in any other life endeavors, there were ups and downs in my campaign. Frustration really struck me when my personal message of appeal posted on the wall of my friends had merited a deafening silence. A number of my friends, though, deserve consideration as they had thrown their support for me, only that they missed the voting mechanics. But I was truly overwhelmed in knowing that majority of my votes came from people whom I didn’t know personally.

Having been adjudged as the winner of the GoPro Hero contest is no ordinary accomplishment in my life and I am really indebted to all my 378 supporters for getting the coveted prize. I vow to reciprocate the sponsor’s generosity as well as my voters loyalty through quality posts about my island vacations escapades supported by nice pictures and videos taken by the GoPro Hero Camera/Video. And to give due recognition to my supporters’ selfless efforts, I deemed it proper to include them in this list of  MY REAL FRIENDS:

Abby Kho Doyet Ma Juanie Maliksi Novelyn Dela Peña
Agai Galanida Dyosa Jenny Juliane Pelegria November Rhaine
Aging Villa Nava Eddie Janier Juls Menor Philip Sangco
Aike Taruc Edelin Consigna Jun Canta Philippine Travel Notes
Ailyn Bordas Edelito Sangco Jun Gentapa Ebcay Pretty Jhamia
Aimee Goo Edgar Dapar Justicemarie R.  Doromal Pretty Risa
Akihikob Hisao Ediolito Christy Rodriguez Justin Winrich O. Apilan Prettylocca Laham Qoew
Ako Si Gloria Edrian Nathaniel  Sangco Karen L. Galanida Racquel Kristina T. Ocon
Ako Si Grace Eec Yhen Eufemia Karl Anino Rajah Quiban
Ako Si Imelda Elena Zaragoza Katy Camocamo Ralna Dyan Florano
Alexander Bmac Elisa Daal Kaye Solis Rangie Banaybanay
Alexander Raquepo Eliza Case Kennymarch Angcog Ranjick Sangco
Alfie Mendoza Elmer Cañega Kim Yamson Daga-as Rashel Rosaut
Alfonso Dubouzet Elz Magayano Kimberly Judge Raul M. Pregon
Aliyah Eimereen Sangco Ema Dianao Kitkat C Alvarez Reil Consigna
Ally Baba Emerald Green Klienjive Shane Remlyn Gaspar
Alma Ong Engen Baronday Kliven Rabbey Longos Ren Xuii
Almar B. Autida Evelyn Tamayo Solde Kristine A. Custodio Renah Ween S. Ancla
Alvin Paul J. Dirain Fajar Javeria Alina Kristoper R. Dela Peña Rene Estaloza
Amethyst Mangrubang Fajar Javeria Ilyn Alina Kurt Denzell Guerra Rene Plaza Cagaanan
Ana Salcedo Fe Rosalia C. Odchigue Lapulapu Pulap Reyn Lumiares
Angel Maxx Feliciana Carino Lea Jane Mascardo Reyna Lala A. Consigna
Angelina Jokling Ficsics North Leen Bond Rian Borilla
Angie Sangco Florylene S. Mansfield Leo Delaconcepcion Rian Shakira R. Julian
Anjel Zaragoza Fragile Heart Leoniza Espejon Pelinta Richard Rain Ang
Anjo Rey Porlares France Kenneth Ocon LEsly CarrEon Richelle Florano Antipado
Anna Leigh Guerra Fred Juffel Gambing Lieyel Consigna Risa Perez
Annaly Doligues Ubial Freedome Juanite Liezl Yamson Vallente Robert Quisto
Anne Y. Hechanova Fys Coles Liliosa Laugo Roland Akinto
Annie Anne R. Pineda Ganda Shei Lilith Cempron Roland Masa
Anthony Cesar Remular Gema Lopez Liza Momo Roll Jane Pratz
Anthony Deloso Ali Gemini Dasqui Lj Mullanida Ronaldo R. Odchigue Jr.
April Berte George Abigail R.Macuno Lolit Macuno Ronnie Balanon
Ariane Limsiaco George Macuno Love Onallera Livie Ronnie C. Ravanera
Aris de la Cruz Ger Maine Lovely Libra Rose Gando
Arnold Gordo Gie Cameros Lukyja Angel Rowena Blanco
Arnold Javier Girlie Dizon Lyn Jusay Tindoy Rowena Pregon
Arturo S Flores Gladys Mae Erong Macelle Digal Rowena Valdez
Ashley Mae Panganiban Glazy Angel Digamon Magatas Sibulan Ruby Rusine
Asrah Abdullah Glenn Mark Dizon Maha Gazelle Maizah Ruel Ordaneza
Avie Shaye Gloria Ali Malou Trono Ryan Llemos
Babysweet Lukyja Griffin Tanandato Malu Go Saiah Ang
Bambie Guma Guil Lou Dela Pena Malyn Tamayo Salita Blase Sebastian
Barbie Ceo Hannah Calle Manganeth Asares Sam Lawrence Coniato
Barbie Joshua Heart Sweetlove Marcus Lamin Samantha Kun
Bea Dacara Henry Soriano Margarita Permejo Samantha Sangco Kun
Begie Buyser Limato Hermilando Jr Paque Marge Moday Samson Salibay
Bejie Padal Imelda E. Concepcion Mariano Navarra Sandra Mendoza
Bella Cabebe Irine Momo Marichu Ernal Sarah Macapuly
Benz Vergara Ismael Guma Marichu Garcia Schneilzelc Ogima
Betchay Tan Jake Mack Marie Anthoneth Aguilar Schneilzeld Ogima
Biboy Dela Peña Jandel Ebcay Marie Barcelona Schneilzelx Ogima
Bobby Cruz Jane Garcia Mariefe Montalban Schneizel Mae Omiga
Bong Dela Cruz Jane Soriano Marilyn Gabales Schneizela Ogima
Boyet Medallo Janeth Asares Marilyn Halas Schneizele Ogima
Brad Tammy Janjan Lompero Marisa Balane Amaro Schneizelo Ogima
Braila Jane Dugayen Javeria Sweet Marisa T. Almojuela Schneizels Ogima
Brando Lorenzo Jay Kenneth L. Sarong Mark Alvin Taruc Schneizelw Ogima
Bryner Diaz Jeff Keiling Marlyn Macuno Shaira Pauleen M. Guerra
Carine Liza Jefferson Digal Dacera Marlyn Solde Sheena Dacara
Carlina Cabauatan Jefferson Jan Lompero Maruja Jacinto Shei Lompero
Celsa Maturan Jen Miro Mary Ann V.  Osia Shereene Callejo
Cesar Julian Jr. Jenelyn Pilar Claudio Mary Joy Nakano Sherilyn Lompero
Cezanne Dela Pena Jenelyn Telonio Sumugat Marycris Virtudazo Sheryl Lompero
Chandrina M. Cabanez Jeneth Tesado Maturan Maryjane R Carino Shiela Seroyla
Charles D. Lahaylahay Jenny Rose Xavier Maryjean Mahomoc Shyr Leonor L. Galanida
Charmaine Oslob Jeralyn Lazarte Masoie . Mondragon Sonhs Gonzalians
Chatchieven Zaragoza Jeramie Dela Peña Mathews K Philip Sweetart de Dios
Chel Lopes Jeraqueen Halas Matinikboy Catayas Sweetdimple Ganda
Chelly Rj Jesamia S. Gelsano Matt Vallente Sweetie Muinio
Cherianne Ancheta Jessa Fe R. Macuno Maylyn Gaspar Sweetrange Cuterover
Cherry Piedraverde Jessica Gonzales-Cabrera Mec Salubre Taray Kontrbida Ramon
Christian G. Lasala Jessie Biol Mecca Dela Pena Tess Poscam
Christian Lasala Jesson Catayas Mee-Ann D. Paitan Tessa Masita
Christine Dawn-Ann G.  Carduza Jet Love Janeth Melanie Selent Theresse Jimenez Pregon
Christy Woodrow Jhomari Amaro Meldred Monter Tony Roque
Clergy Jhun Jhonryle Medrano Dañas Mercedita T. Sangco Trisha Gym Morales
Connie Baybayan Jimmy M. Pescueso Mich Vale Cruz Ricardo Arcadio Yepez
Cynthia Balane Jimvenyl Shane Michael Dacera Valierraine Batara
Daisy Barangian Joan Savandal Morata Milaflor Rabara Vicky Arobo Momo
Daisy Candare Harrington Joana Mia Mildred Lutchavez Victoria Redd
Dalisay Rivas Galanida-Canta Joaquin Tembrevilla Miles Landslide Dyesibel Victoria Solmia
Dandi Lucero Jocelyn Canta Milesjane Reyes Vladimir Sangco
Dang Danquin Joefrey Natalio Miraflor Ramos Wenzz L. Acpac
Daniel Quirido Joemar Ramirez Mjaneth Soleta Xam Lopes
Darius Tilos Celestial John Caballejos Mong Belmes Jimenez Xioben Kyung
Daryl R. Cabaya John Feltus Natalie Bauer Xtine Padrego
Daylen Lagapa Tradio Johncine Escartin Nathaniel Luke Yam Krish
Denefer Dela Peña Jonnel E. Dytingco Nellie Zamora Yangyang Raihanna Akhmad
Denz Famador Jorgie Perfuma Barroca Nelly Coquilla Que YhEnna Mae
Desiree Joy  M. Roque Joy Mitra Nena Catalan Ysis Dizon
Dick Ganda Joyce Coronel Santes Nino Amparo Zenith Dacera Rivas
Dikoalam Kungtalo Joyee Mante Tesado Nivla V Rabara Zhi Ann
Dite Labitad Torralba Jr Torres Nova Rhea D. Hilig
Don Roland JSeanprix Zaragoza Nove Pena


  1. congrats Sir Edilito you deserved it…

  2. Thank you very much for the support, I will never forget you my real friends. . .

  3. Good Morning Edelito,

    Congratulations on your great success! Thank you for your great comment on my blog. I appreciate very much!
    Have a sunny week,

  4. joyee mante tesado

    sir now p jud q kabasa fully ini nga post about sa real friends..& kahit medyo sakit sa mata cge ug putok sa computer pero aq jud gbasa fully & I was so glad, thankful & a lil bit nervous??? (graveh jud k-fast sa aq heartbeat as I’m reading this as in so fast..I can’t explain why..) for seeing my name there (considering one of your real friends)… 1st of all I wanna say “THANK YOU” ky Lord for listening my prayer & their prayers & letting you won in that contest.. you really deserved it…I can’t express my feelings / happiness for the appreciation was like i also won…(hehhe..)

    P.S. – without preconceived notion you have a potential to be a best writer & you can be…:)

    Always keep up the good works sir…& I know God will always provide anything & everything you’ve wanted in His will & in His own time!!!

    God bless & have a many many more real friends in the world…

    CONGRATULATIONS…for making it..:)

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  6. Ma. Rebecca E. Bagnol

    Hi Ting,

    Congratulations! I didn’t realized that you’re up to something big already.I hope that i’ll get the chance of having the same enthusiasm of getting my time into the web. Honestly, i only open my email to official correspondence, i didn’t realize this could be far more better.

    Thnaks for giving me the idea.. Rebecca

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