Waterproof Camera – An Indispensable Island Escapade Gadget, An Appeal For Support

Acquiring a waterproof camera is among my wish list after I launched my island vacations site in the remaining hours of December 31, 2010. The reason of course is obvious- there are so many under and over water scenes that can only be captured by a waterproof camera. In the vicinity of Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines alone, there are so many comely natural attractions worthy to take pictures or videos at but are impossible to be photographed using my Nikon D 7000 DLSR Camera, among them:

  1. The “Hagukan” Cavern – the name is coined from the local term “haguk,” which literally means “snore,” due to the thundering sound resembling that of a snoring giant that it produces as low tide approaches. The strange phenomenon happens as the trapped air inside the cavern escapes out when the narrow entrance is exposed as a result of the receding water. You can enter the tiny cavern by going on a 10-meter free style swimming towards a hard coral serving as platform at the cavern’s center.  Your thrill will not stop at setting foot on the hard coral submerged half a meter below sea level for the reasons that, as you glance upwards, you can savor the breathtaking view of the sparkling crystalline white stalactites and stalagmites in its grandest forms which, aided by a bit of light coming from the pinched entrance, illumined the entire cavern. Looking downwards, you can witness a luminous turquoise waters which seemed like brightened by compact florescent lamps thereby offering the only chance of dark-skinned visitors to wear a fair complexion. A terrific sight indeed very much worthy to be shared to my readers which can only be captured by a waterproof camera.

2. The “Magkukuob” Cavern- the monicker is taken from the Visayan word “kuob” which connotes “bend” as you have to lean your body forward to barely make through a low entry point and walk up the steep and rugged passageway into a skylight towards a wooden platform on a cliff situated 15 feet above sea level. Truly, the diving platform seemed so low for spectators on board the boat. But for the first timers stepping on it, the sight resembles that of the ocean scenery as seen from the window of  the ascending plane. In fact, visitors wanted to go back but would be turned off with the recently experienced rock  climbing and spelunking challenge. Hence, he/she would be left with no choice but plunge into the crystal-clear waters.  Candidly, the whole climbing and plunging experienced is worthy to be documented but only a waterproof still and video  camera is  capable  of doing so.

Truly, after I had acquired my Nikon D 7000 DSLR Camera, I  engaged on a saving session for my long-dreamed waterproof camera. Fortunately, fate seemed on my side that I might acquire it without spending my hard earned money. Being an avid fan of Deb & Dave of The PlanetD’s Round the Workd Adventures, I  did my customary scan over their latest blog posts. To my excitement, I stumbled on their post about the Go Pro Hero HD Camera Contest launched in their facebook page with this high definition still and video camera being offered as a prize. . .

waterproof camera

Image Courtesy of http://theplanetd.com

Glancing at the camera, I said to myself “this is the waterproof still and video camera that I had dreamed to acquire for so long  time.”  Excitedly, I participated in the contest taking into consideration the contest mechanics.  As I opened my facebook account yesterday and to my surprise,  I received a notice that I was selected as one of the ten finalists. The final winner will be picked from among the highest number of votes coming from facebook account holders. So here I am, appealing for the support of my dear readers. To vote for me, please follow these voting mechanics:

a. Click on this Facebook Link:  “The PlanetD’s Round the World Adventures” and “LIKE” on the fan page;

b. Go to: “GoPro Contest Finalists”  album;

c. Click my picture, the one with UP Sablay, and “LIKE” it.

Your like would be counted as one vote for me. Voting will end on April 2, 2011. Wherefore,  my dear readers, with so much humility I am earnestly soliciting your support for me to win the much coveted waterproof camera. Rest assured that your generosity would be reciprocated in terms of quality posts coupled with high quality photos and videos taken, hopefully, with use of the said Go Pro Hero HD Camera.


  1. HI..
    Wish you luck..
    Nice gadget innit?.,. 🙂

  2. your pic doesn’t have the like button..

    • True, if we click directly my picture, the like button doesn’t appear. We must have to go to the fan page of The PlanetD’s Round the World Adventures and “LIKE” it first before going to the Contest Finalists album. After done liking the fan page, the “LIKE” in my picture will already appear. Thank you very much for the support.

  3. Hello!.. its nice and hi-tech camera… hope it would be a great help for
    your adventure… Good luck and may God bless you always.. more powers!!!…

  4. Sure! No probs…I’m proud to be Pinoy! Go get the the glory to get the cam. Wish you all the luck!

  5. Ozing and Dante

    We are very happy and eager to support your intention to acquire that gadget. Hopefully, this can help to explore the still undiscovered beauty of our place.
    Yo, Ting good luck and godspeed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Good luck sir Titing. Hope you’ll make it. God bless you all the way to this contest. God bless & more powers!!!

  7. Go Pro makes great cameras for adventures. They also make helmet cams for things like snowboarding.

  8. i like the topics of the islands vacation….. i really love vacation like in summer in the islands… like the sohoton in the place of socorro… i experience that islands it is so adventure…i like your website so amazing to explore that places… many people love vacation like islands…i like the waterproof gadgets is so great… using that in vacation its nice….gudluck to you and more power!!!

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