5 Ways to Reduce Stress During an Island Vacation

If you are heading on an island vacation to a beautiful place such as Belize or Aruba, it is important to leave all of your stress and worries behind. Whether you have a hectic job or a busy life in general, a vacation should be designed specifically to relax and have fun. Some people tend to forget that they set up their vacation for relaxation though, and they end up stressing out while they are on what should be a stress-free vacation. There are several different ways to reduce unwanted stress while on an island vacation.

When going on vacation, you should avoid making a full schedule. While a schedule may seem like the way to go for organization purposes, the schedule itself may remind you a little too much of home or work. Instead of sticking to a strict schedule or itinerary, decide what you want to do when you wake up each day on your vacation. Doing this will give you the opportunity to devote one entire day to just relaxing.

It is also important to remove yourself from technology while you are on your island vacation. While most of us are attached to our cell phones, laptops, and other forms of technology, it will be a healthy change to shut the electronics off and just spend time enjoying yourself. You will not feel fully relaxed if you are constantly checking your e-mail, texting people, or receiving phone calls while you are trying to spend time relaxing. Unplug yourself from technology for at least a day while you are on your vacation.

Taking a walk on the lavish beach of your ideal island vacation will also help you relieve unwanted stress. Walking is a good form of exercise no matter where you do it. What makes walking on the beach more relaxing is that you will be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and feel the sand between your toes. If you feel as though you have already spent a lot of time on the beach or by the water, you can go for a lengthy walking tour of the town. Make sure that you have a camera with you so that you will be able to take some pictures of your sight-seeing adventure.

Island Vacation

A comely beach in Aruba where sensory feasting could be spent best.

Treating yourself to a fancy dinner will be a great way for you to reduce stress during your island vacations. Instead of picking out something on the menu that you think is low-calorie or healthy, indulge in something that you think sounds delightful. Eat what you want while you are on your vacation. Head out to a cozy or romantic restaurant that offers candlelight dinner or dinner by the beach where you can eat delicious food and enjoy an amazing view.

Last but certainly not least, give yourself some retail therapy. It is true that shopping can reduce stress and what better way to reduce stress than to buy gifts and souvenirs for yourself and others. During your vacation, you will be able to sit back, relax, and just spend time focusing on yourself. On one of your last days of vacation, you should head out to some of the local shopping areas and buy a few memorable items for yourself and your loved ones. Do not forget to buy yourself something that will always remind you of your relaxing island vacation.

Island Vacation

An alluring beach front... another sight to behold in Aruba.


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  2. Your photos are very relaxing to the eyes. I’m quite attracted to the place. It’s so nice to unwind. Thanks for the post. =)

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