Lost in the Stone Forest of Yunnan in China

A reclined victory sign at the zenith of the Major Stone Forest...

Among the number of things that I learned during my China travel was their reference to a lot of things as a forest. Hence, when they see so many pairs of shoes displayed in a store, they would exclaim… Oh! It’s a shoe forest. So, when the tour guide told us participants to the Asia-Pacific High Level Cooperative Leaders Round Table Discussion on Business Cooperation in Kunming City, Yunnan Province, China that we will be visiting the Stone Forest, countless stones popped up in my mind. Read More »

Shaky Boats and Ships: The Inside Story of Seasickness

A passenger boat bound for Siargao Island docking at the Socorro Port

I was born, now lives and intends to stay within my lifetime in an island. I may be considered a veteran in sea travel nowadays but I can very much relate to the squeamish feeling that many people, especially first time sea travellers, suffer on board shaky boats or ships beaten by the waves. The reason is obvious as seasickness, which bears a rather pleasant and unassuming French term of MAL DE MER, was my way in the early parts of my life. Read More »

How I Found A Getaway for Seekers of Cheap Spa Breaks

Scores of nibble fish feasting over the dead skin cells of my feet.

I hit two birds in one stone, so to speak, during my visit to the first marine-themed mall in the Philippines dubbed the Manila Ocean Park situated in the capital city of Manila. Not only did I found the place to be a perfect destination for people longing for wonderful underwater world experiences, but I discovered the venue to be an appropriate getaway especially for weary citizens looking for cheap spa breaks. Read More »

A Dangerous Trip to Great Wall of China

A thumbs-up pose both for the upcoming climb and the aborted cardiac arrest of my Indonesian buddy. . .

If you have not climbed the Great Wall, you have not seen China so goes the declaration of Chairman Mao Zedong . These were the words that kept reverberating in my mind when I was in Kunming City, Yunan Province, China participating not only in an ordinary study tour but attending the 2012 Asia and Pacific High Level Cooperative Leaders Round Table Discussion on Business Cooperation. Hence, on the last day of the Kunming activity, when the bulk of the 35 delegates from 16 cooperative federations in 12 Asia-Pacific countries were heading home, I took a 4-hour Kunming to Beijing flight together with the 5 delegates from Indonesia. Like me, the Indonesians were able to have a prior arrangement with the host, the All-China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives (ACFSMC), for a side trip to the capital city to make our China travel worthwhile. Read More »

Uncovering The Secret of Delta Discovery Park In Butuan City

The alluring bird's-eye view of the Delta Discovery Park Swimming Pool . . .

While the service vehicle we were riding was cruising the national highway from Bancasi Airport to Butuan City in Mindanao Island, Philippines, my daughter Aliyah Eimereen chanced upon a roadside signage showing the way to Delta Discovery Park, offering among other services, dual zipline, horseback riding and others. Exciting to know what are in store to be discovered in the place and how does it fare with the more popular Dahilayan Adventure Park, I acceded to the plea of my daughter to visit the spot. Read More »

Traveling To Antigua – A Must-See Caribbean Island

What do Oprah Winfrey, Eric Clapton, and Giorgio Armani all have in common? They each have winter homes on the island of Antigua. As you can see in the picture above, with that type of natural beauty, it’s obvious why the rich and famous come to this beautiful island nestled in the eastern Caribbean. But the good news is that ... Read More »

Croatia Is Hvar More Than Just A Beach Holiday

Many will know Croatia for its more traditional holiday attractions; its crystal clear turquoise water, rocky coves, ancient castles and cobbled streets, for example. Its climate of mild winters and long warm summers have cemented Croatia as a firm holiday favourite. Croatia holidays are, however, also growing in popularity amongst party-goers. The ‘Land of a Thousand Islands’ has become a ... Read More »