Pagsanjan Falls – My Beautiful Waterfalls Sight Seeing Trip In Laguna, Luzon Island, Philippines

. . . and Me shouting I CONQUERED PAGSANJAN FALLS.

Pagsanjan Falls, together with Puerto Princesa Underground River and other sight seeing spots, is among the top five natural attractions that this island vacations buff had been dreaming to visit. Considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the Philippines whose image is among the prominently displayed waterfalls pictures in private homes and public buildings in the country, it is actually located in the town of Cavinti, Laguna though its entry point is within the jurisdiction of the municipality of Pagsanjan particularly in the village of Pinagsanjan which serves as junction area of Balanac and Bumbungan Rivers. Read More »

Crocodile Park – My Trip To The Saltwater Crocodile Farm in Davao City, Philippines

crocodile park

Crocodile Park, where you can see a saltwater crocodile at close range and where the butterfly house that this island vacations buff had visited is also located, has become one of the popular tourist spots nowadays especially with the recent capture of the largest crocodile in the world in the town of Bunawan within the vicinity of Agusan Marsh in Mindanao Island, Philippines. Hence, in one of my trips to Davao City, I made sure to have a spare time to visit the Davao Crocodile Park situated at the Diversion Road in Barangay Maa. Read More »

5 Ways to Reduce Stress During an Island Vacation

If you are heading on an island vacation to a beautiful place such as Belize or Aruba, it is important to leave all of your stress and worries behind. Whether you have a hectic job or a busy life in general, a vacation should be designed specifically to relax and have fun. Some people tend to forget that they set up their vacation for relaxation though, and they end up stressing out while they are on what should be a stress-free vacation. There are several different ways to reduce unwanted stress while on an island vacation. Read More »