Lakeside Resort And Hotel – 4 Hard Solid Reasons To Visit The Philippine Town of Mainit

The comely Mainit Kasili Lakeside Resort and Hotel Signage

Through the invitation of my good friend Virgintina Garrido, the town’s Municipal Agriculturist, and in my desire to prove the veracity of the words being spread on the increasing influx of tourists and visitors to the town of Mainit, Surigao del Norte, Philippines, which I considered my second home while I was studying in an agricultural college situated in one ... Read More »

3 Irresistible Motives To Visit Club Tara In Bucas Grande Island

A Breath-taking Sunset At Club Tara Resort

Beach resorts are found anywhere in the world. But a majestic beach resort, which can provide all the key ingredients for a great vacation, is seldom to be found. But in Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines, there is one hideaway- the Club Tara Resort which stands out as among the best as it is blessed with the ... Read More »

3 Forever Unique Reasons To Witness Bucas Grande Tinabangay Festival

The Barangay Navarro Contingent - last Tinabangay Festival's Champion displaying their stationary dance prowess at the Socorro Feeder Port. a

While fairs and festivals in general have religious and seasonal themes, others have cultural and historical significance. These occasions could be the day institutions are founded or any other event which the community decides to commemorate periodically. Such is the case of the “Tinabangay” Festival in Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines held on the 22nd day of ... Read More »

Conquering Philippines’ Niagara: The Tinuy-an Falls In Surigao del Sur

The spectacular view of the Tinuy-an Falls

There really are little-known sites which are not included in the list of famous waterfalls nor frequently featured in renowned waterfalls articles but actually possesses the grandeur comparable to the biggest waterfalls in the world. Such is the case of the less advertised Tinuy-an Falls, dubbed by writers who had visited this  island vacations spot as the “Niagara Falls of ... Read More »

Sohoton Cove: Why Visit the Amazing 3-In-1 Attraction?

The Sohoton Cove entrance towards outside of the lagoon.

Island vacation is best spent in Sohoton Cove in Bucas Grande Island, Socorro, Surigao del Norte, Philippines as it is a single tourist destination that offers you a variety of attractions: 1-    Enchanting Cove. As part of the Inayaran Inlet in the southwestern part of the island, the cove is accessible only during low tide through the 40-meter Sohoton Cave serving as the sole entry and ... Read More »